Friday, October 28, 2011

Update on Victory Hill Farm

Congratulations are in order today for Sarah and Lee Pinet over at the Victory Hill Farm!

One of Sarah's pigs had 4 little piglets yesterday!

Awww, piglets are so stinkin' cute.  I will HAVE to get over there and get some pictures.

Here are the pigs laying around without a single worry in the world during the "VICTOBERFEST" on Sunday.

They were all suppose to go to market, but Sarah discovered that one was pregnant!  Lucky pig!

...and this little piggy along with her four cute, cuddly, adorable, "oh I want one so bad" babies got to stay home!

PS, Sarah, Hope you don't mind that I snagged your picture off Facebook!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Victoberfest" - Don't Miss It Next Year!

On October 23rd my friends, Lee & Sarah Pinet, hosted their first annual "Victoberfest" at their goat dairy, Victory Hill Farm.  WOW, WOW, WOW, was it ever a success!  I am extremely sad for you if you did not make it to the festival.  You really did miss out on a FUN event.  Victory Hill Farm is the only dairy goat dairy located in Western Nebraska.

The fall weather was absolutely perfect with temperatures in the mid 70's and just a slight breeze and a few small gusts of wind at times.  We were so blessed with the weather, especially since Fall in Western Nebraska can often mean snow and huge amounts of wind!

The festivities started at 11am and continued until 4pm.  In essence, it was an open house plus more!  There were "penny carnival" (farm style) activities for children to do, lunch was offered, live music and a farmers' market.  We, the Open A Bar 2 Ranch, participated in the farmers' market.

Allow me to tell you more about the festival through my pictures.  (Remember you can click on a picture to see a full-screen view of it and then just hit your browser's back button to return to the blog.)

First I'll start the vendors of the farmers' market.  I am missing one picture of one of the vendors who was there.  He left a little early and I neglected to snap his picture.  So sorry.  I am not even sure what his name is, but he was selling some gourds and zucchini.

Dan the Man with Open A Bar 2 Ranch

Ernie Griffith with Ebee Honey

Nancy Butcher with Jam & Jellies Just For You

Farmer Dan Weitzel with Mitchell Valley Farm

Jane Sedman with Mama Jane's Artisan Breads

Kethera Moran with My Friend Kethera  

Nick Gompert with Spotted Tail Farm

 Laura Whelchel with Double L Country Store
Laura was also manning the Victory Hill Farm store and 
selling tickets for the activities.
She was busy, Busy, BUSY!

And now for some of the kids, animals and activities.

Group of kids having a great time.
Check out those smiles!

People enjoying lunch.

A young man enjoying the company of this bunny!

Face painting!

Bill Snocker providing some live music
on his guitar and harmonica! 


Bales of hay to climb on!

A big black horse, of course!

A goat resting amongst all the commotion!

Love this kid's hair!!

More goats!
What personalities they have.
That's what makes goats so fun, they are so animated and entertaining.

Lazy pigs!

This piggy wanted to know what I was doing.


A little hesitant!

Milk A Goat!

Can't tell who is having more fun, Sarah or the girl milking!

The "Corn Dig".  Candy surprises were buried in the corn!

Free picture taking station complete with wagon and pumpkins!

Gramps "hanging out" with his little man!

There was even a LIVE TURKEY Raffle!!
I wonder how many children were "allowed" to enter that one?
AND... who is going to butcher that turkey?

Check out this little girl's face...
right after the turkey did a very impressive...
gobble, gobble, gobble!

The "tomato toss".
The child with the highest score receive two ticket
to the "Spooktacular"!

Such concentration!

Ahhh... the pony rides!

the pony ride clean-up crew!

So, if you missed it this year,
I hope that you will make a point of
attending next year!