Friday, December 4, 2009

Toilet Paper + Bridgette, the Cat = Child Proof Locks

Things have been pretty normal here at the farm lately. We had a great Thanksgiving with our family. Colton and Chris came home for the holiday from college and we just had a quite family dinner with just our family. Sometimes that is a nice way to spend the holiday, not too much fuss and not nearly as much work either.

We are still trying to get all of our corn harvested. Seems to be a never ending job due to the weather and Dan the Man being called for jury duty.

On Wednesday I took the day off and went shopping in Cheyenne with my sister. Always is a good time, we don't spend as much time together as we should, but it just makes the time we do spend together that much sweeter! On the drive home or there I can't remember and it really doesn't matter, we started talking about our cats. She loves cats as much as I do and has three herself. I shared this story with her and I thought I'd share it with you.

Sometimes I feel like the cats get into more trouble then a toddler does. I recently remodeled our bathroom and part of the remodel included painting the cabinets which required removal of all the cabinet doors to paint them. I also put on all new hinges and hardware. When I reassembled the cabinet doors, they ended up not closing quite all the way tight. I don't know if it is the hinges or what, but the problem wasn't that big of a problem that I couldn't live with it (or so I thought) so I left it alone.

Bridgette, the culprit

Bridgette, one of the cats, found out that it was extremely easy for her to open one cabinet door with her little paw. She also discovered that there was a whole new world to explore in that cabinet and it could be quite entertaining under there. I caught her in there a couple of times and scolded her for going in there so she decided that the best time for playing in the cabinet was at night when I was fast asleep. Did I mention that this is the master bathroom that I am talking about and it is just off our bedroom? So for several nights I was awoke by her rummaging in the cabinet and having a great time. One night while she was in there she discovered that it was especially fun and exciting to tear the rolls of toilet paper to shreds with her claws! Nice, huh?

You would have thought that I would have decided to do something about this problem the first time it happened, but I didn't. It wasn't until the third package of mutilated toilet paper that I got smart. The solution was to install child proof cabinet locks on all the bathroom cabinet doors. I did that a couple of weeks ago and she still is trying on occasion to get into that cabinet at night. She wakes me up trying.

Does anyone else have child proof cabinet locks installed, not because they have young children in the house, but because of a cat?

How can something this sweet cause such mass destruction in a matter of minutes?

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