Monday, February 28, 2011

Behind the Scenes, Why Dan the Man Is Not A Photographer

For the life of me, I can't understand why it is so hard for Dan the Man to run a camera.

All that you have to do is point and shoot, right?

Well, this is what happens when he "points and shoots."

We are remodeling a guest room right now, so these are pics from that.

Just a tad blurry, okay more than a tad, the picture is extremely blurry.

Dan the Man: "Better do that one again, it's a little blurry."

Country Chicken Girl: *Rolls eyes* and says under her breath, "They are always blurry."

Upon very watchful eyes I carefully scrutinized Dan the Man's photo taking technique. I notice that when he pushes the shutter button, he is also pushing the camera down with excessive force. Ah ha!

Country Chicken Girl: "You don't have to push the button so hard! It's not like the button on the oven timer which you have to push really hard since it is a piece of junk (the oven and the button timer.) Just push the button GENTLY and hold your elbows close into your sides" (a trick she read about somewhere on how to hold a steady camera.)

Maybe I should tell him it's like shooting a gun?? Maybe he should even hold his breath. If I tell him it's like a trigger, maybe he'll be able to push it GENTLY!

Anyway, after I told him to push gently and hold his elbows against his body he took this picture. Better. Maybe there is hope for him yet.

Push GENTLY and don't push the camera down!

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