Saturday, March 22, 2014

Just Breathe and Live.

In keeping with my resolution in my last post I grabbed my camera, walked down our driveway the other night and snapped these pictures of the sunset just at the most opportune time.  Sunsets are soooo beautiful here, don't you agree.  One of my favorite features of Western Nebraska is our wide open spaces which allow for such spectacular views as this just outside our door.

As I was walking back to the house I could hear a few Canadian geese honking down at the neighbors pond.  Not sure what they were talking about, but I imagine they were talking about their day while enjoying themselves effortlessly floating around in the water.  Maybe they were also talking about how beautiful the sky was.  A meadowlark greeted me with his distinctive call.  It almost sounded like he said "Nice to see you outside again.  You've been missing the best part of life!"  I replied back, "Nice to see you too.  I've missed your beautiful song and didn't realize it until just now when I heard it."

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