Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Robins

The other morning Dan the Man asked me if I had noticed the nest that some birds were building on top of the fence charger in the calf shed. I hadn't, but having a fond attraction to nests and birds, I wandered over to take a look. I asked Dan the Man what kind of bird was building the nest, but he said he had no idea. Personally, I just don't think that men are as observant as women.

I say this because I knew before I even got to the nest that it was being built by robins. On my way to the shed I noticed a couple of robins flying in there. When I got there, sure enough, there was a nest right on top of the electric fence charger. Wow, look at all that fly poop on there. Someone should clean that thing. I'll tell the maid to get right on that.

I'm slightly surprised that Mrs. Robin would choose such a place for her nest. Granted it is protected from the weather and up high away from predators, but an electric fence charger makes a ticking sound constantly while it is plugged in. Just like a clock, and loud... TICK... TICK... TICK... I think that might drive me nuts or perhaps it is kind-of calming once you get use to it?

I was curious if there were any eggs in it yet, so I climbed on some show panels that were leaning against the wall for a better look. Upon peering in, I saw no eggs. Hummm, I'll have to keep on eye on it. Sounds like a good subject for a blog post, I thought to myself.

A few days later was when Nathan came to help us for the day. As I was showing him around the place, I decided to let him in on my secret and took him over to the nest. We looked again, and still no eggs.

Then on Monday, when I was out and about taking pictures I looked again and there are now four beautiful blue eggs in it.

Mr. and Mrs. Robin kept a close eye on me as I was eyeballing their children. I told them I promised not to touch if they would share their babies with me and my blog readers. I told them not everyone gets to see a robin's nest full of eggs. And if they would be so kind, I would like to document the hatching of the eggs and share it on my blog. The didn't dive-bomb me, so I think they have agreed to let me take pictures every once in a while.

Mr. Robin keeping me in his sight.

Still watching...

I also found a swallow's nest, but I'm not sure I can get such great pictures of it because it is built so close to the ceiling of this shed, but I will keep my eye on this one as well.

And so begins the documentation of "The Robins."

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  1. I love your translation. No dive bombing = tacit approval. :-)