Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yes, I am still alive...

Egads, it has been for-ev-er since I last blogged. Some of you are probably thinking I have fallen off the edge of the earth. Well, that isn't the case. Things have been a little busy and disorderly here at the Open A Bar 2 Ranch that i just haven't had time or the motivation to blog. How sad...

So I am going to try to do a few super fast posts to catch you up on all that has been going on.

One MAJOR event that has taken time out of my blogging was a MAJOR storm that we had on July 2nd here at the ranch that cause lots of damage. I'll post on that later. This post will be to get you caught up to the storm.

So where did I leave off... oh yes, The Robins: They've Hatched.

Yep, they hatched and them there flew away! There now you are caught up with that story! LOL. Actually I have more concerning the robins. Let's see, oh yes, two of the robins hatched.

I took this picture of the on June 12th. They were so stinkin' ugly that they were so stinkin' cute!

Newly hatched babies.

I got busy and didn't have time to check in on them as often as I wanted to so the next time I peeped into the nest this is what I saw. I wanted to get a picture of one of the parents sitting on the nest, so every time I went to go check on the nest, I would try to sneak around the corner of the barn and snap a picture, but the robins were to smart for me and would detect what I was up to before I could get the camera around the corner and focused on them. But this one day, as I rounded the corner with camera zoomed and ready, the robin just sat there and posed for me.

Robin sitting in the nest.

Hmm... I thought as I took a few pictures of it. Then all of sudden it flew away... well, kind of. I thought it had flown away since I was busy looking through my camera view finder and not looking directly at it. Through the corner of my eye, it seemed like it just kind of fluttered to the ground by the chute (as in cattle chute). I looked down by the chute and sure enough, there it was. That's odd, I thought to myself. Then all of the sudden two of my cats show up! It was at that moment that I finally realized the the robin on the ground was one of the babies and it was going to need my assistance or it was going to be a kitty treat. As soon as the cats showed up so did the parents. What a commotion! Cats ready to pounce, parents trying to dive bomb us and baby on the ground!

Baby on the ground. At least it was a soft landing in the straw.

I immediately told the cats to back off. This baby was off limits. Surprisingly they listened and obeyed, probably because I practically yelled at them! I hardly ever yell at them. Anyway, this little fellow was going to need some assistance getting himself back into the nest where he would be safe and sound. I gingerly picked him up and placed him back in his nest. Poor baby!

He was so scared, his heart was beating a million beats per minute. Meanwhile, the mother or father kept trying to dive bomb me and the cats. I carefully climbed up on some stuff to get to the nest and placed the baby back in the nest. He was so frightened that he just kind of melted into the nest trying to blend in and not be seen.

Trying to hide in the nest.

What an ordeal. I hoped that the baby wouldn't try that stunt again until he was a little more able and prepared!

So I have no idea what happened to the other baby, but I suspect that he might have perished on his maiden flight. I suspect that the cats might have been waiting for the little unsuspecting fellow when he made is first flight. Naughty cats.

The next time I checked on the little fellow who I placed back in the nest, the nest was empty.

So there you go... at least I didn't leave you hanging about the Robins.

That's all I have time for now, so later tater!

PS, I am not going to proof read this because I simply don't have time. So please don't criticize or poke fun of my writing skills or lack of!

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