Sunday, November 6, 2011

Moon Boots, Tree Limbs, Little Boys and Memories

The other day when I was looking through some old photos I ran across these pictures of Nick and Chris.  These are some of my all time favorite photos.  I still laugh out loud when I see them.

The pictures were taken in 1996 up at the cabin.  Nick was 8 years old and Chris had just turned 6.

The boys were playing around outside and I just happened to have my camera.  I think we had just finished taking the pictures of the boys in the previous post.  Nick wanted me to get a picture of him hanging from the tree branch.

Chris thought that seemed like a pretty cool idea and wanted his picture taken as well.

Okay, who remembers moon boots?  Well, Chris was donning a pair of vintage 1980's moon boots when all of the sudden he ran into some trouble.

(Let me tell you, the cabin is a kid's paradise for weird and funky clothing from days gone by.  Nothing ever gets thrown away at the cabin, therefore there is a plethora of various articles of clothing from several different time periods.  Chris, never wanting to be slowed down by having to tie his shoes, often chose to wear the beloved moon boots.  Perhaps, not a wise choice for hanging from tree limbs.)



One boot off in the grass... 

One boot securely snagged on the tree limb...

One older brother laughing hysterically ...

while all the blood rushes to the younger brother's head.

Meanwhile... mother is also laughing hysterically
while taking pictures.


  1. Grampa and I are rolling on the floor laughing hysterically, too! I had never seen these before! I guess I'll have to dig out my pics of the kids dressing up in some of the vintage clothes for How to Host a Murder events at the cabin!

  2. At least his pants stayed on! How did you manage to avoid camera shake while laughing? :-)