Monday, December 5, 2011

What a Farmer/Rancher Does in the Winter

Yesterday, Sunday, we were enjoying a lazy afternoon, relaxing and napping on the couch.  I woke from my nap and looked over at the other end of the couch to see if Dan the Man was still there.  He was there when I fell asleep and I was wondering if he too decided to take an afternoon siesta and yes, he had.

He was in his usual napping position with his faithful napping partner, Chloe, more lovingly known as Squeakers.

I thought to my self, so this is why we farm/ranch.  So in the winter time, we can work only 30-40 hours a week, instead of 70-80 hours a week like we do during the spring, summer and fall months.

Then I thought...  Squeakers sure loves her man Dan.  I bet they nap like this everyday.

Actually, I bet you I could get a picture of them napping in this exact position every day.

ACTUALLY...  I wonder how many days straight I can get a picture of these two in this exact position without Dan the Man knowing...  hee, hee.

And so the "Operation Napping Picture of the Day" begins.



  1. oh that looks comfy.
    -DIL <3

  2. though both are nice looking, the cat is really spectacularly beautiful :-)