Friday, January 27, 2012

Country Chicken Girl's Bathroom Remodel

Well peeps, I can finally show you my master bathroom remodel that I started in September 2009 and FINALLY finished this month...  January 2012.  I can hardly believe it took that long to finish one remodeling project.

Let me explain before you think that I am the world's slowest remodeler or whatever you want to call it.  I am not, but my trim-man, Dan the Trim-Man is the biggest procrastinator that I know when it comes to finishing certain projects, and most all of my projects that he gets roped into helping me with fall into that category.  Sorry honey, but it's true... don't make me mention the master bedroom.

It didn't take me too long to remodel the bathroom, but it took forever to get Dan the Man to finish the trim and I could not take pictures and post them on my blog until the trim was done.  Period.

So let's back up and I'll tell you what I was dealing with.

  1. We live in a double-wide trailer house.  I like to say mobile home, it sounds a little nicer, but the fact is that it is a trailer house.
  2. Our trailer house has ugly disgusting wall board in every room.
  3. The master bathroom had carpet in it.  I hate carpet in bathrooms.
  4. We had water damage on the ceiling that looked gross and was embarrassing for me.
  5. We had two GIGANTIC mirrors in the bathroom that made we want to puke every time I had to look at myself naked in them.  What a harsh reminder that I no longer have the body of a 20 year old.  Egads...  what happened???
So, it was time to remodel.  I actually have been trying to remodel the whole house, but as we all know, that takes time and money.  Two things I always find myself short of.

I did this remodel on a very modest budget...  probably didn't spend more than $500 dollars on it.  I can't be sure because it was so long ago that I bought every thing I can't remember the cost.  Here is a list of what I spent money on and how much I spent as best as I can remember:

  • New laminate flooring, got on clearance and I think I spent about $125 or so on that.
  • New counter for vanity.  Don't remember, but it wasn't much.
  • New sink and faucet, around $100 for both on eBay.  I think the sink is what "makes" the bathroom.
  • Paint and Primer for walls and cabinets.
  • New hardware (pulls and hinges) for the cabinets.
  • New light fixtures and towel bar.
So without further ado...   Here are the pictures!

I painted the cabinet an espresso color and added new knobs and hinges, new counter top, new sink and faucet.  We didn't really need two sinks.  I like the extra counter space the one sink provides.  As for the two mirrors...  I turned one sideways and Dan the Man made a frame for it which I painted the say color as the cabinets.  New light fixtures too although they are hard to see in the picture.

I got rid of the hideous mirrors around the tub and painted the tree!  Also painted the bathtub surround thing.  Notice the nice new flooring not the gross green carpet.  Oh and Sammi wanted to be in the picture too!

I added a chair rail to separate the two new colors.  And here is the other mirror that was over the vanity, again turned the other way with a frame and also a little ledge that Dan the Man made, painted the same color as the cabinets.

Here are some more pictures of before and after.

 Never mind the broken window...  that's still from the July storm.
The outside pane is broken, not the inside.
Don't worry, we are not living with a completely busted out 
window in our bathroom.

I took this picture so you could kind of see the shower which is situated
to the right as you come in the door.
Almost impossible to get a picture of it.

 Painted cabinets... so much better.

Well, there you have it!  I LOVE it!!  If you want more details on products that I used or how I did anything, don't hesitate to ask in the comments.  If you'll excuse me now... I think I shall retire to the spa and soak in the tub for a while!


  1. That is a beautiful bathroom. :)

  2. hello,i have almost the same bathroom and am looking to remodel it a little what kind of paint did you use on the cabinets

    1. I used Behr Premium Plus Satin paint for the cabinets. It is very important that you make sure your cabinets are scrubbed clean before you begin. You also need to prime the cabinets before you paint. I used Sherwin Williams Bonding Primer. I would also recommend Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Water Based Primer. The color I used on the cabinets was "Espresso Beans."

      For the walls, I also used Behr Premium Plus but in a semi-gloss. The colors were Dusty Olive and Macchiato.

      Good luck!

  3. Is that a granite countertop or laminate?

    1. Granite?!?! Oh how I wish! It is poor man's granite, faux granite laminate!

  4. I like the transformation! Your bathroom went into a new level and it certainly became more elegant. Your vanity appealed to me the most because the change was so vast that it seemed like you made a new room. You also did a great job in choosing that bidet faucet because it accentuated the area perfectly. By the way, did someone help you replaced your sink and faucet?

  5. I am fascinated with the bathtub area. It looks brighter and nicer than before. The area is clear-cut without those full body mirrors and mini drapes above it. I think its simplicity made it look even better as well. You did a fantastic job in making your bathroom more stunning! :)

  6. Thank you Darryl! My husband and I replaced the sink and faucet.

  7. People will really notice the transformation in your bathroom. It's simply because you tried to used different style and colors this time. It's much bolder, but a lot simpler than the previous one. You wouldn't see the floral curtains and print wallpaper anymore. Well, the simpler, the better! :)

  8. The transformation is terrific. Found your blog doing more research on Manufactured Home remodeling. We're in the midst of our master bath remodel. Yours turned out terrific! Nice touch with painting the tree. We only have one huge mirror, which I now wish we had saved. Afterward, I thought of a use for it - and they are so expensive. We chose chocolate / espresso colored cabinets as well.

  9. Whew, it looked like a lot of work! I'm glad it turned out really wonderful, Kathi! The new look is far better than the old one, and you wouldn't think it looked like that before. Now, it's all classy and warm because of the colors you chose. How's your bathroom now?

    Lida Swisher @ Waddle Exteriors

  10. You mention painting the tub surround thingy, what primer/paint did you use, what is it made out of?

    1. I used Behr Premium Plus paint for the tub surround thingy! It is made out of a particle board, almost like paneling. I used Sherwin Williams Bonding Primer. I would also recommend Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Water Based Primer.

  11. Did you paint over the wall paper?

  12. Hi Kathi,
    Your bathroom looks great! You give me hope! So I have started trying to make my mobile home look not as horrific and I'm totally afraid of using drywall compound to fix the gaps in the walls. Do you have any tips for not making a huge mess out of that?

  13. Your bathroom looks fabulous! And your walls look like they were finished drywall all along.

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  15. Any advice on taking mirrors down. I have three in my living room I want to remove.

  16. Your bathroom looks stunning. The bath tub area is so amazed. Look great all transformations.

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  19. Other than paint on the walls, did you replace the panels/wallboard with sheet rock or just fill in the grooves? I'm interested in any tips on changing/updating the walls-we also live in mobile with those paneled walls.

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  21. You are so talented, thank you! Was worried that moving to a mobile home would be depressing. You have made my day!


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  24. I have a bathroom that has a similar wall paper paneling and I would love to do something similar to your bathroom. I thought I was going to have to take the whole thing down and put up sheetrock. But I see that you simply just painted over it. What did you do to the areas that had the vertical trim? Could you be more specific on what steps you took to prepare and paint the walls?? Thanks for all and any tips!!!

  25. The redesign is fantastic! However, as a person in a wheelchair I have concerns about using the sink(even though I love the design). The rim is too high for a person sitting to reach, first up, then over and then down. As it seems to be the newest style in bathrooms I don't think I will be the only one with this concern. Tk

  26. This is a great redo. You are a girl after my own heart. ReStore is my go place for materials and doing it yourself sure saves a lot of money and usually is better than the high priced help. My last sheet rock guy was so bad I had to learn to do it so it would look decent. Not so hard once you figure it out. You will get hooked on doing this as it is so satisfying. Again, wonderful job.