Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Romantic Life

The Cutest Couple Contest (see on the left, go and vote!) that Dan the Man and I have entered has me thinking about all the "romantic" times we have spent together as a couple...


Just kidding...

Let me tell you about our wedding and most romantic honeymoon ever...

We got married at Dan the Man's parent's cabin near Walden, CO on July 6, 1996.  Several friends and family gathered for the long weekend and spent the entire time at the cabin.  It was a beautiful day full of friends and family.  I loved my wedding dress and the weather was perfect.  The only "glitch" to the day was the pastor getting lost and being late.  This was before cell phones and if I remember right, he found someone else that was headed to the wedding and followed them.

I had intended on having a small wedding consisting of family and close friends.  Little did I know that in Walden, CO, once a wedding invitation is extended to one inhabitant of the town, all who reside in the town and the surrounding area are invited!  Actually, the outpouring of friends from the community only reinforced what I already knew... the Manvilles are loved by all because they are such a wonderful family.

We spent the night at the cabin in our "honeymoon suite" (an office converted into a bedroom) on the second floor.  I don't know how many people we had packed into the cabin on that weekend, but it was FULL!  We were lucky to receive a bedroom to ourselves!  Some people even brought tents to sleep in.  Mind you, this is a one bathroom dwelling.  The spare room is now loving referred to by all as the "honeymoon suite."  If I remember right, we even called down to the first floor to request room service, but everyone was too busy playing cards all night long to deliver anything to us!  I believe they thought we were joking when we asked for room service!

The next morning Dan, my lawfully wedded man, and I headed to Denver for our "real" honeymoon...  kind of. We were actually headed to Denver for a couple of nights to attend a steel building seminar!  What more could a new bride ask for than a romantic weekend at a steel building seminar?  Days full of informative classes and a night spent at a banquet full of general contractors talking about purlins, beams, erections (of steel buildings) and more!  Ahhh... the memories!

Some of you may not know, but when we first met, Dan the Man was a general contractor who owned his own construction company in Laramie, WY.

A couple of years later we took a romantic 2nd honeymoon to Mexico... to attend another steel building seminar...

Oh and there was the romantic trip Dan the Man took me on to Bismark, North Dakota for a Lowline (type of cattle that we raise) Seminar.

I mustn't forget the romantic trips to the National Western Stock Show in Denver on several occasions.  But I should have known that those were a part of the deal, since Danny's dad took his mother to the stock yards in Denver for their honeymoon!

Not too long ago you will remember that romantic trip we took to Wray, CO for the ranching seminar.

If we actually win this contest...  It will be the first overnight trip we take just to do something that classifies (at least in my book) as a romantic getaway!

Here's some pictures from our wedding...

 Nick, Kathi, Chris, Colton, Danny and little Skyler!
Our boys were so precious!

Look at us now...
This picture was taken before Nick & Sarah's wedding, October 15, 2011.
I need a picture with all of us, including Sarah!
Hint, Hint to Nick & Sarah...
Sklyer, Danny, Nick, Kathi, Chris and Colton

Cutting the cake!

Danny hugging his niece, Erin, who is getting married this July!
I've begged her to choose July 6th, but I don't think it'll be that date!
Erin and I share the same birthday so I thought it would only be fitting 
to share the same wedding date.
Erin, it's not too late to make the date July 6th!

Kathi, Danny, Eric Terrell/Best Man and Lori Gustafson/Maid of Honor (my sister)

Me giving one of the boys "the look" during the ceremony.

Awww, sweet memories.
Now... go vote for us!

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  1. I did! Good luck, I hope you get that romantic weekend or however long....