Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sorry You Missed Our Super Bowl Party!

Sorry you missed our Super Bowl party.  I know you missed it, because only 2 people came.

If you don't know what I am talking about, go back a post and you will see the invitation.

I am happy to report that all the cattle have made it back home to the Open A Bar 2 Ranch without incident.

Thank you to Dan the CSA Man and Danielle for helping us sort the cattle in Gering.

We left bright and early this morning with the trailer and headed for Gering where the cows have been pasturing since November.  Dan and Danielle were already there waiting for us.

We only had one escapee, a calf, who we easily wrangled back into the corral.

Dan was the only one to get peeped on.

No one got kicked or stepped on or pooped on for that matter.

Danny fell in the corn field while we were wrangling the escapee.

We finished driving the final load into the yard at about 4:45 p.m., 7 loads down and 298 miles later.  We need a bigger trailer!  Duh!

Landmarks we grew accustomed to seeing...

... the cute white horse at the corner of C.R. 19 and Robidoux Road.  When we first started driving past his pasture, he would whinnie and run a little, like he wanted to be a part of the action.  It was as if he was offering his cattle working services.  "Hey you guys!  If you need a horse to help herd those cows, I can do it for you.  I really can!  Please, please, please let me help!"

... the three goats who could jump back and forth with ease out of their corral.

... the longhorn herd that is pasturing in corn stocks.  I love longhorn cattle, each one is so unique with it's coloring.  We started calling the herd bull Mr. Big Guy.  His horns were really long.  I bet his horn span was at least six feet wide.  How do you haul those things in a trailer???

... the two naughty dogs who would chase us as we drove past their house on the corner of Robidoux Road and Rifle Sight Pass Road.

... the countless tumbleweeds... every where!

... the bull on the top of Rifle Sight Pass who we named the Kung Fu Panda Bull because he looked just like a panda with white crew socks on!  Funny guy!  Wish I had a picture of him.

... oh and the poor little smooshed bunny on the road that Danny would make sure that he did not run over again.

As we continued driving back and forth past these landmarks...

... the cute little horse soon grew tired of us and hardly paid any attention to us when we passed his house.

... the goats settled down for a warm afternoon nap in their corral.

... the naughty dogs went from chasing clear into the road, to stopping at the ditch before the road, to not even getting up but just looking, to not even rising their heads to look, but just barely raising an eyelid!

... the longhorns traversed the whole corn field.

... the Kung Fu Panda Bull grazed all over his pasture along with his little donkey friend.

... and the cute baby bunny... well, it never changed.  Just laid in the road, trip after trip.

On the very last trip however, the little white horse was standing right by the road and gave us a head nod as we passed, one of the goats was laying on top of a car and the naughty dogs actually chased us coming clear up onto the road!

Too bad I didn't have a camera to take pictures of all of these, but I am sure you can form your own images.

We are grateful to be home and even more grateful for the safe homecoming of the cattle.  We're resting on the couch and watching the Super Bowl and enjoying the commercials!  Especially the one... GOD MADE A FARMER!  Amen!

PS, if you missed the commercial... you must see it.  I am sure you can google it!

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  1. great post! Makes me wish we had come to your party, so superbowl on our 'ol rabbit-ears tv here... Sadly Ben had to work, and I'm not much of a party animal without him.