Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl Party at the Open A Bar 2 Ranch!

Come join us for a good time on Super Bowl Sunday!

The day will start bright and early at 6:00 am.  Meet here at the Open A Bar 2 Ranch at 6:30 am.  Warm clothing and shoes that can get cow poop on them are a must.  We'll get round up with the truck and stock trailer and mosey on over to Gering, where the cows are presently located.

Breath taking views will be had as the sun rises in the east and casts it's glow on the south side of Scottsbluff National Monument with Dome Rock close enough to touch.

We'll begin by setting up gates in order to herd the cattle (38 cows, 29 calves and 1 bull) into the corral.  After the cattle are in the corral, we will then begin the sorting.  We must sort the calves from the cows into separate pens.

Once the sorting has taken place, the calves will be loaded onto the trailer 15 at a time.  As soon as one load is ready, they will then be hauled from Gering to the Open A Bar 2 Ranch, 20 miles or so from their present location.  During this 30 minutes drive, you will get to travel some of the most scenic back roads in Scottsbluff County, including Rifle Site Pass.  You will also have a chance to assess any bruises you might have gotten from being kicked by a calf.  If you are wondering what smells, it will probably be you.

When we reach our destination of Open A Bar 2 Ranch, the cattle's home, the calves will be unloaded into the corral.  The calves will be detained in the corral until they can be reunited with their mothers.

After a quick bathroom break, we will load back into the truck and head back over to Gering.  By this time, it'll be so loud at the corral we'll have a hard time hearing each other, so you'll learn cowboys sign language as we load the calves up.  You'll be amazed at how loud mother cows can bellor when they are calling for their calves.  We'll then take the second load of calves to the Open A Bar 2 Ranch.  As with the first load, you will again get to experience some of Scottsbluff's most scenic back roads on the way back home.

Calves will be unloaded just like before and if you are lucky, there might be another bathroom break but don't count on it.  Daylight's a burning...

Breakfast of Wal-Mark cinnamon rolls will be served on the drive back to Gering.

At this time, with all the calves safely at home, it's time to load the cattle, 6-7 at a time.  That will be a total of 6 loads of cows.  Once again, we will take the scenic, dusty, back roads.  By the time we have taken 4 or 5 loads, you will know every tumble weed on the route.

If all goes well, meaning we don't have trouble getting the cattle into the corral, onto the trailer, no flat tires, or any other catastrophic events, we should be done by 5 p.m.

You will smell like cattle poop, look like a dirty, dusty old rag, and you'll feel like death warmed over.  If you get kicked by a cow or calf during this adventure, you might just even feel like you've been run over by a bus.

We will then collapse on the couch and watch the super bowl while resting our eyes and licking our wounds.  Dinner will be "hunt and gather" and "you're on your own."

Should be a great time!  Hope you all can come!

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