Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wind Harvest Farms Strawberry Festival was a Success!

This last Saturday, the 26th, was the Strawberry Festival at the Wind Harvest Farms. If you are new to my blog and didn't read my previous post about the Wind Harvest Farms, you can do so by clicking here.

I thought I'd write a follow-up post on the days festivities.

The weather was perfect, especially in the morning. Several people attended and I watched flat after flat of picked strawberries go home with some pretty happy people. I was too busy at my booth and talking with people in general, that I didn't get any picked for myself, but I plan on going back this week to get me some!

Happy Pickers!

This is where you got your flat for picking and payed for your purchase.

"Hay Castle" for the kid-o's to play in.

Dan the Man manning our booth.

Our booth, look free recipes!!

Libby Lundgren and her weaving booth. Several kids tried their hands at weaving with Libby's instruction! She's got those table-top looms for sale. Neat stuff!

Other vendors including a "Bread-Lady" from Torrington, Goshen County Mastergardners, Lingle High School FBLA (I think it was the FBLA) selling plants, and someone selling various hand sewn goods along with soaps and such and someone else had dry beans for sale, all different varietals, I guess I didn't get a picture of her table, sorry bean lady!

Jeff and Diane being interviewed for the live broadcast with KGOS.
I was interviewed too! Did anyone hear me?

Ron & Lynne Pulley serving pulled pork sandwiches, which were delicious.
They are with Wyoming Heritage Hogs.

Cute dog!

Ft. Laramie Fiddlers were fantastic! So fun to listen to them.

Fantastic harmonica player!

Hey, is this guy and the fiddle player brothers?

Nice sized crowd eating lunch and enjoying the music.

Making the strawberry sundaes!

Diane in her strawberry apron with a strawberry sundae. The sundaes were worth the drive if you ask me! (Dan the Man asked me to go get him one and like the loving wife that I try to be, I gladly obliged. But on the way back to the booth I started chatting with someone and had to eat the sundae before it melted. By the time I made it back to our booth and Dan the Man, the sundae was gone!
He had to go get his own.)

And here is a video from the local news station!

I'll post a strawberry jam recipe in my next post!

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