Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So much to blog about, so little time....

I'm so disappointed that I have had so little time to blog this summer.

Oh how I miss the light workload that I so enjoy in the winter time.

How can it already be the middle of July?

So much has happened this Spring/Summer that I would have loved to have blogged about, but after I get done working for the day, I'm too exhausted to do anything but go to bed.

Here's a quick run down of what all has happened around here since May. And I mean it is going to be quick. Random rants, probably misspelled words and incomplete sentences. I might not even proof read it, so there!

May 5th, Colton turned 20 year old!! How is that possible?

May 14th, I think, not even sure about the day, it was so long ago... Chris graduated from Western Nebraska Community College with an Associate of Occupational Studies in Powerline Construction and Maintenance. But if you read my blog you already know about that. I must have found time somewhere to blog about that.

Colton leaves for Washington state sometime the end of May to begin his summer internship with Microsoft. Drives all the way from Phoenix to Seattle (actually Redmond, I think) all by him self. Is provided with a super nice apartment with a cleaning service... Must be rough! Makes more money in one summer than I did in one year when I was his age.

The end of May, Nick, our oldest son came home from Japan!! He's in the Air Force and was stationed at Yakota AFB for the past two years. Before that he was in South Korea. Nice to have him back on US soil. He spent a week here along with his girlfriend and her daughter. Was so nice to meet them. After a week here in Nebraska, they took off to visit Jerrica's family in Arkansas for two weeks. Nick came back here for a week and is now at his new base, Cannon AFB near Clovis, NM. Can't wait to go visit him.

Nick, Jerrica and Jettica

During the time that Nick was in Arkansas with Jerrica, I got stuck baby sitting the dog, Bo. We had several adventures together, too bad I didn't have time to blog about them!

Me and Bo

Hello, my name is Bo!

Spent Memorial Day with sister Lori and her clan at Springer Lake!

Adam and Shaina

Lori and Chris


Jerrica and Jettica



What chew talkin 'bout?

Lori and her Dr. Pepper

Springer Lake

Dan the Man sitting on his can!

Nick, Bond, James Bond that is!

Jett and Bo

Nice "do" there Spanky!

Katy and Chris

Adam and Shaina

Jerrica and Lori

Chris and Katy

June 12th, Skyler turned 17 years old????? How did that happen? Is that really right? If you were born in 1993, are you 17 years old this year?

June 18th, Nick turned 22 years old. Egads, my children are growing up and becoming adults and I am getting older and turning into an old lady.

June 30th, Danny turned 44 years old. Finally as old as I am!

Somewhere in the month of June Chris was offered a job with Charter Communications as a locator (how do you spell that? you know someone who locates utility lines) in Kearney, NE. This required two trips to Kearney in one week. One trip to find an apartment and one trip to move him there. Katy, Chris' girlfriend, accompanied us both times.

The following is what happens when you've been on the road for 5 hours in the middle of Nebraska.

What are you guys doing back there?


What does that mean?

Poor Katy, hope he doesn't drool on your shoulder!

Hey, I have an idea, let me take a picture of your eye!

Then you can take a picture of my eye!


1200 chickens have come. Have been working on new freezer ever since April. New freezer still not up and going. Don't ask, it's a sore subject that I don't want to talk about.

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  1. It seems all of our summers are slipping by way too quickly! I realized today that we haven't seen you since before your trip to Japan, have we?
    Well maybe once in Jan. or Feb. but I can't think back that far! I know I still haven't got down for an eye appointment or to see my ring again!
    by the time your freezer is up and running we'll be doing the radiation thing in Denver!