Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wow, That's a BIG Spider!

Yesterday, one of the cats decided to regurgitate something that obvious didn't agree with them right on one of my chairs outside. Nothing like seeing that first thing in the morning. At least it was outside on something that could easily be rinsed off with the hose.

As I was hosing down the chair this scary looking guy came out from between the cushions! Eek! A spider! A BIG spider!! A BIG SCARY LOOKING SPIDER! I had to run and go get my camera to show you.

I had to put my finger in the picture to show you how big he was. Let me tell you this was not an easy feat! It gave me the Hebe-gebes. I was certain he would pounce on my finger when I was least expecting it!

Okay all you bug freaks, what kind of spider is this?
Look at those hairs on his legs?
Looks like my legs a couple of months into the winter!

I finally had to run back into the house and get an envelope so you could have something in the photo to compare the spider to so you could have a better sense of it's size.

I'm not going to tell Skyler that the spider was on the chair he always sits on when he is "waiting" for us to finish up a job instead of helping us finish the job before we move on to something else!

Hee, hee...

Is that wrong? Okay, maybe I'll tell him next time I see him sitting there.

Well, that's all.
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs (or scary spiders) bite!


  1. OMG!!!!! I am not really opposed to spiders in general but this one sends shivers down my spine! I can't wait to find out what kind it is. Ugggggh. I'm going to have to do something to purge my mind of this fella's existence. Eeeee.

  2. Here are some of the comments that have been posted on Facebook regarding this post:

    Tammi; were braver than I to put your finger that close! That is one nasty looking spider. Can't wait for someone to identify it.

    Lisa; No kidding! I wouldn't have gotten near it. What if it were poisonous?

    Marci; We have a ton of those icky big things in the pine tree out front

    Peggy; Call him Junior

    Tammi; Hmmm....I REALLY want to know what kind of spider this is!

    Tammi; Could I repost your pics and see if anyone I know might know?

    Jane; CREEEPY!

    Leanne; You know, I found a strange one on my fence post last week. It was not quite as big as this one but its body was totally silver. I had never seen one like that before. Great pictures!

    Lisa; So when are we going to learn about who this spider is?

    Tammi; Lisa, look @ my post.

    Then from Tammi's post:

    Tammi; Do I have any friends who are Arachnologists? Or a friend of a friend? So curious about what kind of spider this is! Ewww....creepy and HAIRY!!!

    Susan; I hope u killed it yuck!!!!

    Lori; common garden spider

    Tammi; It was at someone else's house. I am just really wondering what it is....besides ICKY!!!

    Tammi; Really Lori? That thing just looks wicked! But I know nothing of spiders so thanks!

    Lori; they are big and weave big webs..catch lots of bugs.

    Tammi; Hmmm....thinkin' I'd rather deal with the bugs than look at this guy! And I hate walking through the big webs....glad he wasn't at my house. And if I probably do have some, please let me remain ignorant!

    Kelly; wow!!! do they bite???

    Amy; Ewww!!!!!! That's too close for me!!!!!

    Charlotte Key Powers Yikes!!!! Looks pretty scarey to me.

  3. Hi Kathi,

    I think it is a common barn spider or orb spider that likes to catch flies up in the eaves. They tend to be more active at night and hide during the day. This one must of been sleeping :)

  4. More comments from Facebook. These are from Lisa's post:

    Diana; That is disgusting! I hate spiders!


    Don't know how much this will help, maybe it's a cross-breed. I thought Wolf spider at first, but idk. Send the pic out to the Panhandle Station, there is someone who will know:)

    Adam; Looks like an Orb Weaver Spider.

    Jan; Not a fella, though.

    Barb; While they are a bit scarey looking, just make sure it's outside - it will do wonderful things catching lots of bugs! We have very similar looking ones out here

  5. I don't want them near me! I'll let the bats, birds or some other insect in the food chain take care of my bugs, thank you!