Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christina Armstrong and Her Beeloved Jam!

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Christina Armstrong's Beeloved Jam

Our first Farmers' Market was this last Saturday, the 24th in Scottsbluff. I thought it went pretty well for the first one of the season. There are several returning vendors and several new ones too this year. I have high hopes of doing a little ditty on the blog about each one. But as you may have noticed if you've been following this blog, sometimes my ideas don't always pan out because 1) I don't have time or 2) I lose interest!

But I do have someone I want to talk about this first post of the Farmers' Market Vendors Series. The reason I choose Christina is because she is right next to my booth and I could run over there and snap pictures and chat in between customers!

So, without further ado let me introduce to you Christina Armstrong of Beeloved Jam! Wow, I don't know what all to tell you. Let me start here... She has a website which tells all about her jams and jellies. But I'll try to hit some of the highlights of her business.

Click here to go to BEELOVED JAM.

Such a cute name for the jam don't you think? And such a cute girl, inside and out! I have a hard time not staring at her tattoos. Sorry Christina, but if you didn't notice, I'm probably old enough to be your mother and old school enough that a person with as many tattoos as you have fascinates me in a weird sort of way. LOL!

Christina serving up some jam to my dear little friend Ashley!
Thanks for coming Ashley, it was great to see you.
See what I mean about Christina's tattoos?

PS Christina, I really do like them, but so much better on you than on me.
I can't imagine what Dan the Man would say if I came home with tattoos like yours! LOL

Back to the jam...

All of Christina's Jams and Jellies are VEGAN friendly, made with the freshest fruits and veggies, 100% natural pectin, and sugar. Whenever possible she strives to use organic fruits and vegetables. Christina offers samples at her booth and you must stop by and try them. It is better than the "tasty sample ladies" at Sam's!!

Christina serving up another taste!

Oops! The cracker broke and the taste went all over the table!

I sampled the BLAZIN' GLORY (Apricot, Habenero, Bell Pepper and Onion) and let's just say... I am in love with this stuff. No joke! It is absolutely delicious on a cracker with cream cheese. Christina said she thought it would be tasty on my chicken. I say... I'm gonna have to try that!! I'm buying a BIG jar this Saturday. (Make sure you put my name on one Christina!!) Christina gave me four little sample jars to take home and try. You ROCK Girl! They were all scrumptious!

Let me share with you how I tasted them. I got a package of club crackers, a package of cream cheese, the jams, a knife and a tall glass of iced tea. Then I sat my butt down at the table and began spreading cream cheese on each cracker along with the jam. I sampled BLAZIN' GLORY (again, like I really had too), WICKED (Raspberry & Peach), VERY VERY VERY BERRY (Strawberry, Raspberry & Blackberry) and HOT, BUT NOT REALLY HOT PEPPER JAM (Bell Pepper & Jalapeno). When all was said and done and I felt like I had given each Jam equal time and tasting I had finished off the entire jar of BLAZIN' GLORY and at least half of each of the other flavors, half of the package of cream cheese, yes that's right, 4 ounces of the stuff and a whole sleeve of club crackers. Go ahead and say it... oink. I know, but I don't care!

My taste test results: BLAZIN' GLORY is the best, like I said I am in love with this stuff. VERY, VERY, VERY BERRY is my second favorite. It was very tasty and not too sweet. Too bad it has seeds in it, my sissy can't eat stuff with seeds in it. Sorry Lori, you can't have any! HOT, BUT NOT REALLY HOT PEPPER JAM was hot, but not really hot! It was good, but I didn't like it as well as the BLAZIN' GLORY. WICKED was also tasty but a little too sweet for me. I bet it would be good on ice cream though. Oooooo, better try that.

Go to Christina's website to see all of her other flavors. I will never buy another jar of grape jelly at Wal-mart. NEVER! Christina, your jams have won their way into my pantry.

Look at this one, Kitchen Sink! Gonna have to try that one too!

Gift Baskets!

Christina plans on being at the Farmers' Market in Scottsbluff every Saturday. You can find her right next to ME! The Market is from 7am-11am at 18th & Broadway, downtown. If you go to check her out, make sure to mention that I sent you! Hee, hee! Maybe if I send her enough business, she will give me a jar of jam! Just jokin'! I will gladly dish out the moola for her stuff!

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  1. Hope I can get there one of these Saturdays (maybe after one of Skyler's football games???) so I can get some jam along with some more chickens and beef!