Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Scottsbluff Winter Farmers Market = Success!!

I am so excited to tell you about the first ever Scottsbluff Winter Farmer Market. Can I just say that a good time was had by all??

Our first non-profit organization of the season was CAPWN.

Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska
is a Community Action Partnership and member of a national network of over 1,000 community action agencies across America. CAPWN is a non-profit community based health and human services organization that serves low-income, disadvantaged, and those unable to meet their needs through other sources. Check out their website for more information.

The Winter Market held a food drive for CAPWN's food pantry and collected several non-perishable food items along with $136.60 in cash donations! Everyone who donated food to the food drive or gave $1 got their name entered into a drawing for a gift basket compiled of goodies from all the vendors. I think the gift basket was valued around $200. Wow! Elaine Hays of Scottsbluff was the lucky winner! She was ecstatic that she won. It was so much fun delivering the basket to her. She said she had never won anything before in her life.

A BIG thank you goes out to Christina Armstrong of Beeloved Jam who helped with the raffle table along with several students from Morrill High School who volunteered their time to help with the market. Those who gave of their Saturday afternoon were Carlie Sinks, Skyler Manville, Marcus Vacock, Alexis Reynoso, Athena Tarin and Megan Fish. They helped at the raffle table and also helped the vendors carry stuff in to the market and then back out when it was closing time. Many hands make light work! Alexis and Carlie did face painting for a free will donation and all proceeds went to the CAPWN Food Drive. Thanks guys, you did a fantastic job!

Christina Armstrong (Beeloved Jam) and
Skyler Manville (Morrill High School National Honor Society)
manning the raffle booth.
There is the gift basket Elaine won!

Alexius Reynoso painting Tessa Brunner's Face

Alexius, you work just like Dan the Man, with your tongue out!
Dan the Man does that all the time and so does his sisters.
Must be a family trait or something.
Does anyone else in your family do that Alexius?
Maybe I should do a study on that...

Cutie~pie Tessa Brunner showing her true colors. GO BIG RED!
Megan Fish in the background helping with the raffle table.

Marcus Vacock (Morrill High School) sporting a bullet hole painted
by one of the girls doing the face painting.
These kids got bored at times do to the small number of children who
actually came to the market.

Laura's Herbal Apothecary
Can I say that I simply adore the Peppermint Hand Lotion!
mmmmm, smells so fresh and light!

Another sale at the Victory Hill Farm booth!

Bob and Judy Sharp selling Bob's hot rub!
Which by the way, makes a most excellent stocking stuffer
for anyone who likes spicy foods!

Heidi Robertus selling some of her delicious baked goods.
There is one of her signature pumpkin roll cakes in the front.

Sue Maxey and her co-worker at the
Diabetes Care Center @ RWPC information booth.
Did you know that November is Diabetes Awareness Month?

Tina Meier and a couple of boys from the Bluffs Middle School 8th Grade Class
They were having a bake sale to raise money for their class trip to Washington D.C.
(Sorry I didn't get your name boys!)

A Big THANK YOU to everyone who helped support their bake sale.
I think they sold everything except for a couple half dozen cookies!

Nathaniel McGowan manning Ernie Griffiths' booth.
Ernie is the honey guy!

Vicki Brunner of Vic's Festive Expressions and her kid-os!
Check out Vicki's personalized gifts.
I'm thinkin' very unique Christmas presents!

Various personalized candy bars Vicki makes.
Anyone getting married? Look at the wedding one! Ooo la, la!

Adorable Christmas baskets from Vicki.

More from Vicki, what a GREAT idea!

Melanie West from MWest Designs.
Melaine makes beautiful high quality rag rugs...

... and unique tin art.
Love these crosses with antique button embellishments!

Connie and Carolyn Driver of Blue Heeler Glass.
You have got to check out Carolyn's uniquely handmade glass beads.
They are beautiful. I've never seen any like them before.
Connie was also selling some of her art work. This girl is overflowing with talent. She is such a delightful young lady. I truly adore her!

Here's Dan the CSA Man of the Mitchell Valley Farm.
Dan had some great produce!

Beth Everett, who also had some great produce.
Have you tried her squash? It's soooo good!
And be sure to pick up one of her free seed catalogs!

Jane Sedman of Mamma Jane's Artisan Breads
Jane's breads are FANTASTIC!
She sold out as usual! Better get to her booth fast if you want some!

Mary & Mike Armstrong of Creative Bubbles

That's my Aunt Kitty talking with Mary.
My Aunt Kitty and Uncle Dexter came to visit for the weekend
and Aunt Kitty, bless her little pea pickin' heart, helped
Dan the Man and me with the farmers market.
AND... Aunt Kitty bought something from every single vendor.
She is quite the shopper.
Dan the Man said we went home with more stuff than we can with, hee, hee!

Some of Mary's adorable Christmas baskets!

And last but certainly not least,
The Green Valley Homesteaders

Bill Snocker

Wynne Buehler

John Jessup

Okay people... if you enjoyed their music,
please let them know by leaving them a tip.
The Green Valley Homesteaders are playing at the Winter Market
solely for tips!
Thanks guys, you are great!

Here is what Kim Grams had to say about the
Scottsbluff Winter Farmers Market on Facebook!

"The first one was fantastic. I can't wait for Saturday. BTW, I LOVED the music you had ... nice and festive (but not so obtrusive that I couldn't think or ask questions of vendors)."

Kim Also posted:

"The ScottsbluffWinter FarmersMarket was AWESOME!! I got cheese and meat and herbal stuff for our immune systems. Plus info on some personalized chocolates to order for upcoming events. Yay!"

And Jennifer Reisig, bless her heart posted this:

"I was so excited about the ScottsbluffWinter FarmersMarket, I showed up 2.5 hours early, thinking I was late & had probably missed all the good stuff. It's not until 1-4pm today at the Hampton Inn. A farmers market in the afternoon...now I'm even more excited!"

Next market is November 27th, 1-4pm Hampton Inn Conference Center.
Christina Armstrong has been busy setting up a toy drive for Toys for Tots. Bring a new unwrapped toy or cash donation for the toy drive and your name will be entered into a drawing for a gift basket full of goodies from the vendors.

Hope to see you all there!

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