Monday, November 15, 2010

Goat Cheese Girl and Country Chicken Girl Get Mooned!

Me, Sarah Pinet and Kevin Mooney

On Friday morning, November 5th, Sarah Pinet, the goat cheese girl and my self did a live interview with Kevin Mooney on KNEB Radio to promote the Scottsbluff Winter Farmers Market. A BIG thank you goes out to "Mr. Hot Stuff" aka Bob Sharp, one of the vendors who made the connection for us!

Sarah is a bit of a goof like me and I told her that if she wore her Shrek ears I would wear my Groucho Marx glasses. So we show up at the radio station at 7:30 am sporting our most becoming look! Before the interview we chatted a little with Kevin and waited for our turn to go on the air. As the time got closer, I got a little more nervous. I really didn't want to sound like a goof, even though I looked like one.

Just a couple of goofs who know how to have fun!

I could feel a huge lump forming in the back of my throat as we entered the sound booth. Egads, what was I doing? I made sure to come prepared and brought notes so I wouldn't just sit there and say uhh, uhhh, uhhh. We took our seats and the next thing I knew Kevin was introducing us LIVE, ON THE AIR!

Wait, wait, wait... I wasn't ready....

Kevin said something like this...

Kevin: This morning we are going to talk about the Scottsbluff Winter Farmers Market and with me this morning I have Kathi Manville of the Hampton Inn and Sarah Pinet who is one of the vendors. So Kathi, could you tell us how this all came about?

Meanwhile, Sarah is shaking her head thinking... "oh no, Kevin just made a big boo-boo!"

I am frantically trying to decide how I am going to correct this little mistake without sounding like a doof! "Kathi Manville of the Hampton Inn..." egads, how did that come about?

All the sudden the heat is on me and my heart and head are racing a thousand beats per minutes. Sarah looks at me and gives me a "good luck chuck" look with her Shrek ears on.

Kathi: Well Kevin, I have to correct you by stating that I am not with the Hampton Inn, but instead I am with the Open A Bar 2 Ranch, another vendor who will be participating in the winter market. (BIG GULP! Air, I need AIR! Help I can't breathe!)

Kevin: My apologizes to you, so tell us how this all came about?

Whew, nice recovery Kevin, now we could move on and move on we did.

Uhhh.... One problem... I hadn't rehearsed that question in my head. Good thing that I had already been presented with that question by Katie Bradshaw when she interviewed me for the Scottsbluff Star-Herald. Oh, you didn't see that? Well, here is the link:

Farmer’s market heads indoors for winter

So on goes the interview... I felt like I had a mouth full of bubblegum the size of Texas and also like I had an elephant sitting in my lap. When the first break came and we went to a commercial, I panted like a fish out of water gasping for air! Geez, this was crazy. What did I even say? I prayed to God and asked Him to help me though the next set of questions. Sarah sat there as calm as a june-bug with her little Shrek ears on. I had to take off my Groucho Marx glasses because they kept falling off and the mustache was tickling my upper lip.

The commercial break was over in the blink of an eye, I think it was for a mortuary and I was thinking that I could very well be their next customer if I didn't get my heart under control. I was thinking of the headline... Country Chicken Girl has a heart attack doing morning radio interview.

I'm not sure what all we talked about, but I know I was talking about all the vendors who were going to be there. I felt like I had been talking for an hour and wasn't sure if I should wrap it up or what? So I started to wrap things up before I had a chance to talk about all the vendors. Then I felt bad because I didn't mention every one. I guess we had a little more time because Kevin said something like, "I see you have a few more vendors coming..." which allowed me to talk about a few more.

As I was talking about the vendors I was reading from a list I had written. All of the sudden I was faced with a gosh darn word I can never pronounce... APOTHECARY. Dang, I knew I couldn't say it and I was kicking myself for not practicing it before I left the house and all the way to the radio station in the car. Now I was going to sound like a doof for sure. But never fear... for Sarah was there... and she calmly spouted forth the word for me. APOTHECARY eloquently rolled off her tongue like a beautiful rose in full bloom. Thank you Sarah!

After the interview Kevin presented us with cool coffee mugs that say "Have you been Mooned on KNEB?" Why yes, we have!!

Country Chicken Girl and Goat Cheese Girl


  1. Kathi, I am sitting here cracking up, and Jeff is sitting across the room, probably wondering what fit of insanity has overcome me. I totally can relate to the mouthful of bubblegum and elephant on my lap. I'm so glad I was interviewed recently by another journalist, so I know how it feels. Also, I think radio is harder - especially live radio!

  2. I had to clamp my mouth shut at one point because the Groucho glasses almost made me bust out laughing. You are lucky that the indoor market only allows homegrown and handmade items, because if there were any anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetists selling sphymomanometers you would have been on your own talking about them!!

  3. Sarah, what on God's green earth makes you think that I could say sphymomanometers??? LOL