Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Shave Less Often" shhhh. It's a Secret thing!

Okay people, could someone please tell me why there is a little sticker on my Secret antiperspirant that says "SHAVE LESS OFTEN"?

This has been confounding me for quite some time and today I decided that I can no longer contemplate this matter another second. I have more important things to do!

Inquiring minds want to know, and I have an inquiring mind!

So, like most people I know, I called the 1-800 number on the back of the antiperspirant. Actually, I don't know of any one who calls those 1-800 numbers. Am I the only one?

Actually, this was my first time calling any 1-800 for Questions!

As I dialed, I was trying to think of what I was going to ask...

I thought about hanging up...

I was thinking...

This is crazy...

Why am I calling this number...

What am I going to say?....

Ummm, I was just uh, wondering... what does that sticker mean?
The sticker that says "Shave less often."
How is that suppose to work?

Could I even ask without getting the giggles?

Good thing Dan the Man was outside or he'd be telling me I was stupid for calling
and I should knock off the nonsense!

Anyway, I dialed the phone...

Ring, ring ....

Ring, ring ....

An automated voice comes on the line: "Secret, strong like a woman!"
then the automated sexy lady voice said something like this...
"Please press 1 to receive coupons and special offers for Secret.
Press 2 to find out where to buy our products.
Press 3 for information on how to remove underarm stains on a shirt."

I kept waiting for "Or stay on the line to talk with a customer representative" but that option never came, only "I'm sorry I did not receive any input, please try again"
when I didn't chose any of the options.

Bummer, I thought, now I can't even ask my question that I had mustered the courage to ask!

So I did the next logical thing, I went to

I clicked on "Secret smooth effects" and read the whole page.

Here are some of the claims.

The protection you want and the smooth underarms you love with a bonus - You'll shave less often. With continued use, it's been clinically tested to:
  • Reduce visual appearance of hair
  • Condition underarm for smooth skin
  • Make hair look and feel finer
Secret Smooth Effects antiperspirant/deodorant has been proven to let you shave less often. That’s because Secret Smooth Effects was specially designed with a unique blend of moisturizers that comfort and soothe your skin. This formula conditions the underarm area for touchably smooth skin, reduces irritation caused by shaving, reduces the visual appearance of hair, and makes underarm hair look and feel softer and finer. The conditioning benefits of Smooth Effects allow a smooth shave.

Okay then... whatever!

I did read all of the reviews that people who used this product said. Not too many people agreed that they were able to shave less often, but plenty of people complained about the way the product dispensed. It's really hard to turn the little dial and get the antiperspirant to come out. One lady made me laugh when she said "How are you supposed to turn this darn thing? Any suggestions? I use a needle nose pliers! Not my way to start a day."

Amen sister! You tell them!

PS Has anyone out there ever called any 1-800 QUESTIONS phone number?

And that is all I have to say about that.

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  1. Didn't have much to do today did ya!? lol