Wednesday, December 8, 2010

RECIPE: Dan the Man's Vegetable Beef Soup Italiano

Open A Bar 2 Ranch
Lyman, Nebraska

December 7, 2010

Dan the Man makes dinner!

...and it wasn't even Tuna Wiggle, Frozen Pizza
or Heated Refried Beans from a can on Flour Tortillas!

Dan the Man "WOWS" the Country Chicken Girl by actually making dinner on Tuesday night. He made Vegetable Beef Soup Italiano from a recipe he found on-line @

Dan the Man said he was tired of his Country Chicken Girl never fixing anything with the meaty beef shanks that they had accumulating in their freezer. His momma fixes them and makes some mighty fine vittles with them. He was out to show his little Country Chicken Girl that the beef shanks were quite tasty and worth her time to start incorporating into their daily meals.

Dan the Man's Vegetable Beef Soup Italiano
(actually maybe it should be called Goulash, not Soup...)


Read more about it at,1618,150164-244192,00.html
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1/2 lb. beef cubes
1 (16 oz.) can tomatoes
1 (16 oz.) can stewed tomatoes
1 med. size onion, diced
Carrots, diced
Celery, diced
Potatoes, diced
Turnip, diced
Cabbage, diced
Salt and pepper, pinch
Pinch parsley and thyme
Pinch pot herb
Olive oil
Small egg noodles (pastine)
1 soup bone

In a large soup pot on medium heat, put in 2 tablespoons olive oil (diced beef cubes and saute along with soup bone. Next fill pot about 1/3 or more with water and add all diced vegetables and simmer for 1/2 hour. A film will appear on the surface. Remove film and add stewed tomatoes and whole tomatoes. Add parsley, salt, pepper, thyme, pot herb. Raise heat to medium and cook 1 1/2 hours. Reduce heat. Add egg noodles (Pastine) and 1 package mixed vegetables. Cook 1 hour longer (total cooking time 3 hours). Makes 12 to 15 servings (Thatsa Niza Soupa!)

Dan the Man made a few changes which included not using any turnip and using thick homemade style egg pasta instead of the small egg noodles (pastine).
How was a rugged ranch man suppose to know that pastine pasta referred to tiny soup pasta? Country Chicken Girl didn't even know that until she wrote this post and googled "pastine." Here is what she found on pastine pasta.
What is Pastine Pasta?
I imagine the soup would have been more "brothy" if the correct noodle would have been used, but everyone agreed it was still delicious.

What was left after Dan the Man, the Country Chicken Girl and Sky-man
filled their tummies!

Here is the link if you would like to print the recipe: Vegetable Beef Soup Italiano

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Dan the Man and the Country Chicken Girl always have their door open.
Fix your little buck-a-roos some hearty soup tonight!

Here is a picture of Dan the Man when he won
the 2004 Bobby Crocker Cookoff!!

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  1. Sounds like I will have to compete for the beef shanks! Not only didn't I know what pastini was but what is a pot herb? Recipe sounds good.