Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Zephyr's Blustery, Windy Day

One early day in May on the Open A Bar 2 Ranch, the wind blew and blew and blew. Nobody at the ranch likes the wind.

Dan the Man doesn't like the wind. He needs to be planting and fertilizing his crops. But when the wind is blowing so hard, the seeds and fertilizer will blow away before they even get on the fields.

The Country Chicken Girl doesn't like the wind. The wind blows her hair all over and there isn't enough hairspray in the world (says her friend Lisa) to keep her hair from blowing into a messy tangle that looks just like a bird's nest.

The Country Chicken Girl also worries about her chickens when the wind is blowing 60 mph. She is afraid that her chickens might blow away. The wind is blowing so hard that it is moving her portable chicken coops.

The cows don't like the wind either. They wish they had a house to go into on windy days. If they did they would have Dan the Man fix them a gigantic bowl full of popcorn and have the Country Chicken Girl stream some movies for them on NetFlix. The cows would like to see the movie Chicken Run or the one about the little pig called Babe. But since they don't have a house and can't watch movies and eat popcorn, they just lay down with their backs to the wind.

In the morning Dan the Man and the Country Chicken Girl had to haul hay from the stacks south of the house to the pasture where the cows were.

Dan the Man drove the tractor and the Country Chicken Girl drove the truck and trailer. Dan the Man takes one bale of hay at a time and places them on the trailer until the trailer is full. As Dan the Man is loading the hay he sees a little black "lump" laying beside the hay stack. As he gets closer to the little black "lump" he notices that it is not a lump at all but a baby calf.

Dan the Man comes to the truck to tell the Country Chicken Girl that one of the calves is laying next to the hay stack. He says that the little calf must have walked all the way down here to the stack to get out of the wind. The little calf who was only two days old was a long ways away from his mama!

The Country Chicken Girl felt sorry for the little calf, whom she decided to name Zephyr, so she sat down beside Zephyr to keep him company until Dan the Man was done loading the trailer with the hay. It was nice and warm on the side of the haystack that was blocking the wind. Zephyr was nice and warm out of the wind and his black coat was also soaking up the bright sunny sunshine making him as snug as a bug in a rug.

When Dan the Man finished loading the hay he told the Country Chicken Girl that as soon as they got done unloading the hay at the pasture he would have to come back on the four wheeler and get Zephyr and take him back to his mama. So the Country Chicken Girl left little Zephyr and drove the truck back to the pasture so Dan the Man could unload the hay with the tractor.

After Dan the Man was done unloading the hay he got the four wheeler and rode back out to the hay stack where little Zephyr was. Zephyr was still laying next to the stack out of the wind and nice and warm.

Dan the Man found Zephyr and said, "Sorry little guy, but I have to take you back to the herd. Your mama is going to be worried about you and you can't stay this far away from the herd. You're going to have to find a place to lay out of the wind where the rest of the cows are. If you stay here, you won't be able to nurse on your mama and drink her yummy milk."

So Dan the Man lifted up little Zephyr, put him on the four wheeler and gave him a ride back to the herd.

Zephyr wanted to steer the four wheeler so Dan the Man let him for a little ways!

Dan the Man always drives with his tongue in his cheek.
The Country Chicken Girl thinks it is funny and teases Dan the Man about it all the time. Dan the Man doesn't even know he does it, but the Country Chicken Girl has several pictures to prove it!

Zephyr wasn't sure if he liked the four wheeler ride with Dan the Man.

All the cows were waiting and watching Zephyr drive the four wheeler!

Dan the Man took Zephyr to the pasture where the cows were. Everyone was excited to see him and some of the other calves were a little jealous that Zephyr had gotten to ride on the four wheeler with Dan the Man. The other calves wanted to know all about Zephyr's adventure but Zephyr just wanted to get some of his mama's milk.

Zephyr's mama wanted to know where he had been.
She had been worried sick!

The End


  1. Alexander and Kenna like the story!

  2. Aw shucks! What a cute story. You could make that into a children's book! - Monique

  3. Alyssa read it and liked it too. She wants to know why Dan the Man sticks his tongue in his cheek when he rides the 4 wheeler.

  4. Alyssa, Dan the Man can think better if he has his tongue in his cheek or sticking out. He does it all the time when he his driving the tractor or backing up the pickup truck. I think you do this if you are a Manville so you'd better be careful or you might end up doing this when you get older since you have some Manville in you!