Sunday, October 17, 2010

Announcing the Winner for the Apple Peeler!!

Well, we just got done drawing the name of the winner for my most recent giveaway for this way cool apple peeler.

A BIG thank you goes out to all of you who entered!

A BIGGER thank you goes out to our sponsor, CSN Stores. Without them, this giveaway would not have taken place. They have everything you need for your home, from kitchen wares to furniture, home improvement stuff to shoes, baby things to pet supplies and much, much more. Check out this link and take a gander at some of the console tables they offer.

But before I announce the winner I have to tell you about the drawing.

Dan the Man, Bob & Penny (Dan's parents) and myself just got done eating dinner and were sitting around the table discussing that we should do the drawing before The Amazing Race starts.

We were joking about how since Penny had entered the drawing, Dan the Man would probably end up drawing her name.

Well guess whose name Dan the Man drew.

You guessed it...

Dan the Man drew his mother's name!


Wouldn't you know it!

Penny graciously threw her name back in the hat and said we should draw again.


the second name drawn was...

likes apple dumplings with caramel sauce.

Congratulations Pat.

We will all be over to your house for some apple dumplings with caramel sauce so you can try out your new peeler. Just be sure to let us know when the apple dumpling party is!

So if you are Pat M. you can email me your mailing address and I will get that apple peeler sent to you right away.

My email is


  1. Yay!!! Congrats Pat! That apple peeler is pretty cool =)

  2. Wasn't there some sort of contingency that the winner make said dish for all the entrants...? Never in my life heard of apple dumplings with caramel sauce, but YUM it sounds good! Congrats to Pat M.