Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time For Another Giveaway!!

Guess What? It's time for another giveaway on the Country Chicken Girl Blog!! Yay, yippy-skippy! I love giving away free stuff! I hope that you will all enter.

But first and foremost I must give a big THANK YOU to our sponsor, CSN Stores. They have everything you need for your home, from kitchen wares to furniture, home improvement stuff to shoes, baby things to pet supplies and much, much more. Check out this link and take a gander at some of the
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Fine print: PLEASE READ THIS! I don't know for sure, but I think that I might be offered more giveaways or bigger items to giveaway based on how many people click on the link "console tables" above. So please, please, please click on the link, I promise it is a valid website and look around for a few minutes, even if you have no plans in buying a console table in the next 20 years! Please click on the link even if you are not going to enter the contest! Thank you so much. I think these giveaways are fun and really like doing them and would like to continue to do them. Thank you and that is all I have to say about that.

So without further ado...

... and because apple season is upon us

... and because I have one and love it and think that everyone should have one...

... this contest is for an...

wait for it...

I bet you can hardly wait to see what it is...

it's an...

... an apple peeler! Whoo-hoo!!

Oooh, ahhh...

But seriously folks, these really are cool! I have one and absolutely love it.

Here is the link to the peeler you will receive if you are the lucky winner!

Back to Basics Peel Away Apple Peeler

So, what do you need to do to enter the contest???

First just tell me what your favorite apple thing is in the comment section
(on the blog, NOT, I repeat NOT on facebook.)

Is it apple muffins, apple cobbler, apple pie, caramel apples...

You get the idea.

and Second, but only if you want to, and don't forget that I would really like you to... is click on the "console table" link above.

Make sure to leave your first name and your last initial in your comment. You don't need to "sign-in" to leave a comment. You can do it by commenting as "Anonymous" but you'll need to include your first name and last initial in your comment!

Got it?

Hope it isn't too confusing. If you just can't figure it out, you can email me at and I'll see if I can walk you through it.

You can only enter once and that rule will be strictly enforced.

Anyone caught entering more than once will receive a
big bag of chicken guts as their "prize!"

You have until midnight on October 16th
to enter, so a little over a whole week. The winner will be determined by a "draw of the hat." I will announce the winner on the evening of October 17th.

You will need to check the "Winner" post on OCTOBER 17th and contact me if you are the winner so I can get your information so the prize can be sent to you. If I don't hear from you within a couple of days, another name will be drawn. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Let's see, what have I missed? Can't think of anything...
Please tell all your friends and tell them to enter! Men you can enter too, these would make wonderful gifts for that special lady in your life. Christmas is coming up, really it is! Enter and see if you can't win this for yo' mama!


  1. I'll leave the first comment as an example:

    I love DUTCH APPLE PIE!!! -Kathi M.

  2. I would like to see someone win the big bag of chicken guts. :-D
    (I'm not entering the contest on purpose. I don't need another "kitchen booger." But I'll click the linky link.)

  3. My sister-in-law's APPLE DUMPLINGS!! Yummy;0)

    Leanne K

  4. michelle T. I need an apple peeler. Is that the prize?? It's 4 somethin in the morn and I don't feel like reading but couldn't sleep.

  5. Michelle, you can't enter until you read the post!!

  6. I love my mom's apple crisp recipe with a scoop of ice cream on top while it is still warm! Yummmmm!!!!
    Penny M.

  7. BTW, a lot of people have been carrying on about how good Honeycrisp apples are on my Facebook. Someone also said you can get them at Krogers but maybe they are in other grocery stores too. You might look for them....

  8. I love apple pie!! And, any gadget to make kitchen duty easier is great in my book!
    Brenda H.

  9. I like my apples sliced and with cinnamon fruit dip.

    Kelly S. :)

  10. Baked apples stuffed with cinnamon, brown sugar, and raisins like my mom used to make!
    Nancy B

  11. Warm apple crisp! It's the best!!!
    Laronda M.

  12. I'm with you, Kathi...dutch apple pie!
    Anne J.

  13. Some women love shoes and jewelry, but I love kitchen gadgets. My favorite cooked apple dish is my Apple Crisp with Cardamom and Rolled Oats.


  14. I like apple dumplings with caramel sauce

  15. OOPs. I forgot to put my name on. I still like apple dumplings with caramel sauce. Pat M

  16. In Taylors Falls, MN, there is a restaurant that serves the best, to die for Apple Dumplings. I am not a big apple fan, but these converted me.

  17. My favorite is apple pie served warm with warm cinnamon sauce poured over it. On occasion I will add a scoop if French vanilla ice cream..

  18. My Favorite is: Apple Crumb Cake

    Heather L

  19. My favorite is Apple Crisp warm with vanilla Ice cream. My sister, daughter and niece picked 17 bag, peeled (by hand) and put them up for this winters Apple Crisp. Yummy Could of used the apple peeler!!! Donelle

  20. Apple Crisp is my favorite! Lots of Crisp!!

    Tammie B.

  21. We all love apples in any form, we go thru a large 10# bag every 2 weeks, hand peeled or el naturel is usually how we eat them. Stacey F.

  22. I LOVE caramel apples.....we got the best ones in Manitu Springs, Co this fourth of July when we went to Pikes Peak,,,,,,,THEY were SO amazing.....Want to go back just for the apples!!!!! LOL :)

    Lisa E

  23. I LOVE toffee cream cheese dip...oh, and the apples that go with it!

    DeLinda L.

  24. Nothing fancy here. I have to admit. I like applesauce.

    Monique L.

  25. Apple crisp!!! Raquel C.

  26. Is that all I have to do? Raquel

  27. My favorite apple is the Pink Lady, favorite snack is fresh apples with caramel dip and how about old fashioned apple dumplings!!! Jackie D

  28. Beeloved Jam's Apple Butta.... Christina A

  29. @ Raquel, yep that's all you have to do, you are entered!

    @ Christina, oooooo, that's a good one!

  30. Stuffed french toast with cooked apples and cinnimon and sugar and a touch of syrup it is so awesome my mom use to have me make it for her before she passed away she loved it!! Brenda L.