Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project Predator

Some of you who are on Facebook already know that Dan the Man and the Country Chicken Girl have been having trouble with an unknown predator at the Open A Bar 2 Ranch. On two separate mornings they have been greeted with a horrific sight upon awaking and checking on the chickens. Something has been getting in with the meat birds and killing them. This predator is ruthless and cunning... it would appear as if it is killing the poor chickens in their sleep, since there is no warning from the chickens that danger is amongst them.

The predator has ripped the heads off of 4 chickens, leaving the rest of the body untouched, had injured one severely enough that Dan the Man had to put the chicken out of it's misery, and has partially eaten one that it tried to drag away, but couldn't get it out of the fence surrounding the chickens. One of the headless chickens was found right inside the chickens' shelter.

Since Dan the Man and the Country Chicken Girl are no longer crazy, wild and party-all-night kind of people, they decided that an all-night stake-out was out of the question. And being poor-as-dirt, they couldn't afford to hire someone to hunt down this cold-blooded chicken killer, so into effect went...

Project Predator!

Watch the story unfold in this riveting award-worthy video...

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