Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Dan the Man and I were working on one of the brooders today in preparation of the 400 chicks that will be arriving on Friday.

We realized that as with all projects that we do, we didn't have all the material that we thought we needed and would have to make a trip into town for supplies.

I hate that... especially with the price of gas right now. Twenty miles to town also means an automatic hour of the day spent traveling to and from town. Plus the time that it takes to get what you went for.

No wonder we never get anything accomplished around here!

Anyway, as we were walking to the house to get ready to go to town, I was surveying the yard as I normally do, to see what the chickens (egg layers) were up to. The girls were up to their usual antics, digging in my flower beds, scratching all the mulch out of my flower beds, reeking havoc in my FLOWER BEDS... when all the sudden I spied three very large looking chickens!

Whoa, where did those chickens come from?

They certainly don't look like any of my hens!

Well, holy cannoli... those aren't chickens, them there birds are TURKEYS!!

I ran into the house to get my camera and then Dan the Man and I managed to chase the turkeys all the way around the house. Dan the Man was hoping we could corral them into the chicken yard, but they were smarter than that! The made a bee-line for the county road and headed south. Just as they made it up onto the county road a vehicle came down the road. The turkeys ran down the middle of the road in front of the truck for a little ways before they decided to make a break for the borrow pit. Wish I had my camera set on video for that, it was quite humorous!

The turkeys running past the chicken yard that
Dan the Man was hoping they would run into!

Later on, I happened to be talking on the phone with my neighbor who lives south of us and mentioned the turkeys to her. We hardly ever... well I should say, this is the first time we have EVER seen wild turkeys on our place. Cori, my neighbor said they were in her yard a couple hours after we spotted them here at our place. Cori lives about a mile south of us. She was just as surprised to see them as we were!

Such excitement here in the neighborhood! Did any of my other neighbors see them?

THE END... and no, I did not proof read this, so deal with the typos. Thank you and good night.

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