Monday, September 6, 2010

Bob Sharp and Judy Meter & Heidi Robertus

Country Chicken Girl once again reporting from the 2010 Scottsbluff Farmers' Market located in downtown Scottsbluff at 18th & Broadway every Saturday (until the first frost) from 7-11am. I have been doing short little stories on the individual vendors at the market. If you've missed the previous posts, here they are:

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Meet Bob Sharp from Gering. Bob has masterfully concocted a hot dry rub that is perfect for steaks, pork, ribs, chicken wings, chili, salsa, tacos, etc. The rub is called S.O.S. which stands for Surface Of the Sun. Each bottle is blended and packaged one at a time to insure uniformity.

Bob Sharp, the Pepper Man

Hot peppers have always been a passion for Bob. As Bob says, he is always on the "lookout for the next hotter one!" Bob's parents were in the restaurant business for about 30 years, starting in Southern Oklahoma and ending up in Kimball, Nebraska. Bob said growing up they had southern style foods and his mother always had a bottle of peppers on the dinner table. I think Bob's mom fed him hot peppers even as a baby! I have seen him eat a jalapeno pepper fresh from the garden like it is a sweet juicy apple!! I couldn't do that. I watched him eat the whole pepper with eyes as wide saucers. That is MY eyes were as wide as saucers, not Bob's. He didn't even break a sweat.

The basic rub that Bob uses comes from Texas and won 2nd place in the Dry Rub BBQ Cook-Off which is held in Texas each year. Bob then adds Habanero, Red Savina and Naga Bhut Jolokia, which is also called the "ghost chili." Ghost chili is 200-300 times hotter than the Jalapeno pepper.

I have tried Bob's dry rub on a scrambled egg dish I made which had ham, tomatoes, zucchini and cheese in and it was delicious! Then last night we had fried potatoes with the rub on them. They were fantastic. Move over potato ole's, a new kid is in town!!

Bob says, "If you want to spice up your favorite dish, S.O.S. is just what you need." You can reach Bob at 308-436-2349 home, 308-641-0817 cell or by email He is also selling his rub at the Farmers' Market in Morrill which is every Tuesday from 3-6:30 pm.

Judy Meter and Heidi Robertus

Meet Judy and Heidi, the fresh-baked-lovin'-from-the-oven ladies! Boy, do these two know how to handle your sweet cravings! They bake everything from caramel pecan rolls, pumpkin cake rolls, double chocolate banana cake, chocolate zucchini cake, carrot muffins with cream cheese frosting, sweet orange bow knots, biscotti, caramel covered marshmallow pops, etc.

Biscotti and Caramel Marshmallow Pops!

Assorted Sweet Breads

Oh, did I mention the cheddar & bacon scones?? Delicious!

This guy couldn't resist some of the caramel pecan rolls,
which along with the sweet bow knots, that are baked the morning of the market!

Judy and Heid use only the finest ingredients for their baked goods, fresh cream, butter, Ghiradelli chocolate, etc. Don't bother stopping by their booth unless you want to treat your sweetie or yourself to something scrumptious. I bought carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting last week. They were scrumptious!! The girls also bake with products purchased directly from the farmers market such as fresh peaches, pure local honey and peanut butter. Way to go girls! BUY LOCAL, BUY LOCAL, BUY LOCAL!!

If you'd like to order something, give Judy a call at 436-4031.

Well, that's it for this post. If you haven't made time to come to the market, you'd better get your pony saddled up and giddy-up and git yourself over there!

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