Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dan the CSA Man

Dan Weitzel the CSA Man

Wow, I seriously don't know why all of the sudden I am finding time in my schedule to catch up on the blog. I have been wanting to get a post in on Dan Weitzel of Mitchell Valley Farm for about 3 weeks now, but just couldn't find the time. Since it is so hot today, my man, Dan the Man is taking a nap this afternoon, so I thought I'd take advantage of this "me time" and squeeze out a little ditty on the other man named Dan.

Dan Weitzel owns and operates Mitchell Valley Farm, an organic produce and small grain farm located 3 miles south of Mitchell. This is the farm's first season and Dan offers his wares via CSA subscriptions and also sells them at the Scottsbluff Farmers' Market on Saturdays.

Mitchell Valley Farm

A CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, is a new concept to many of us in the Panhandle, but something that would benefit many. There are several CSA’s on the Front Range of Colorado and I think that it is time for our part of the country to stand up and take notice of this unique kind of enterprise. A typical CSA offers a subscription service which its customers purchase. Throughout the season, the subscribers are provided with their portion of the farm’s offerings on a weekly basis. The farmer and the customers generally meet once a week at a predetermined destination.

CSA’s have several benefits, one being that you don’t have to get to the farmers market at the crack of dawn to get the best selection of produce. You also get to enjoy fresh produce even if you don’t have the space or time to tend to a garden yourself. Dan has planted several crops this years including oats, peas, carrots, spinach, cilantro, table beets, radishes, rutabaga, root parsley, dill, lentils (red and green), salad mix, borage, calendula, turnips, chives, garlic, shallots, onions (bunching, red, white, yellow), head lettuces, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes (cherry, pear, grape, table, and sauce), melons, cucumbers, squash (winter, summer, and pie pumpkins), cauliflower, okra, collards, sage, thyme, mustard greens, kale, kohlrabi, peppers (bell and hot), brussel sprouts, corn (sweet, grinding, and popcorn), beans (green and dry), garbanzo beans/chickpeas, potatoes, and flax seed. Now that’s a bushel full! WOW!

If you would like more information, you can contact Dan directly at (308)641-1384 or his email address is

Oats planted at the Mitchell Valley Farm

Dan has planted several trees that he received from the NRD including
Sand Cherry, American Plum and Black Walnut

Borage growing at the farm

Beautiful Borage Bloom (and tasty I might add)

What the heck is Borage...
Click here!

Jackie, the Mitchell Valley Farm dog
She's so cute!


  1. Wonderful selection. Alas, my favorite vegetable, Swiss Chard, isn't on the list... *sigh*

    Thanks for keeping us updated about these wonderful, fresh and healthy food opportunities.

  2. Sounds interesting, but a LOT of work! How does he control grasshoppers????

  3. Lisa, actually I think that Dan does have Chard! You'll have to ask him, but I think I had some chard in my last CSA bag from him.

  4. Penny, he doesn't have them (grasshoppers) as bad at his place! Don't ask me why!?! But I'm jealous!