Sunday, August 15, 2010

Taste Just Like Chicken!

I've often heard that opossum "tastes just like chicken!"

Although I have never actually heard it from someone who has actually ate possum.

I had just finished my evening chores the other day when I was on my way back to the house. I was walking between the shop and the house towards the back door, my normal route, when I thought I saw a cat drinking out of a pan I have under a leaky faucet. I have the pan there specifically for the benefit of the cats and egg layers (chickens) to have fresh water when ever their little hearts desire so seeing something drinking from it was not out of the ordinary. But the WHAT that was drinking out of it caused me to take a double take and blink my eyes a couple of times to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

Holy cannoli! A POSSUM!! In the middle of the afternoon, well, late afternoon, around 5'ish. THAT was unusual. Aren't possum nocturnal??

First picture of possum, behind the lawn chairs.

Never wanting to miss a photo op, I rush into the house to get my camera before it scurried away. When I got back out to the shop, it was behind some lawn chairs. I couldn't get a very good picture of him/her, so I cautiously began to move the chairs away, all the while envisioning some horrific scene playing out that would be re-enacted on some tv show like "When Wild Animals Attack Stupid People Trying to Get Photos of Them!"

Second picture, trying to get closer from above.
Good thing I had boots on and not flip-flops,
He could have bitten my big toe off (at least that's what went through my mind!)

For some reason this possum was pretty docile. Maybe it was sick and rabid! That was a scary thought that also went through my mind! And I know what you are thinking... anyone with half a mind would not be messing around trying to get a picture of an opossum. Go ahead and say it! Thank heavens my mother doesn't know I do such stupid things.

Third picture after moving the chairs away and getting down on his level.
Seriously, what was I thinking getting so close.
I was 3-4 feet away on my hands and knees.

Here kitty, kitty!
I mean possum, possum, possum.
You be nice and don't attack me!

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Thanks for the nice pictures dude. I guess I won't know if possum really taste like chicken or not. Oh, I've heard they are greasy too!

The End

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