Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bill & Arlene Grassmick, Wildcat Produce and Nita's Catering & Event Planning

Country Chicken Girl here continuing my little ditties about the vendors at the 2010 Scottsbluff Farmers' Market which is held every Saturday from 7-11am downtown at 18th & Broadway.

Meet Bill & Arlene Grassmick of Gering, Nebraska. This is one of the most lovely couples I have ever met. They have been coming to the Farmers' Market ever since it first started.

Bill & Arlene Grassmick

Bill has been building beautiful handcrafted willow furniture for about 20 years. These pieces of art are truly unique and beautiful. Bill creates each piece from green willow branches that have a short working time, since once they become too dry, the branches will split and break. He also uses weeping birch, pine and black walnut. All the woods he uses are found locally.

Arlene will tell you that she has a home filled with Bill's furniture. She'll tell you about each piece they have in their house and where it is situated. I would love a tour sometime so that I can see all the lovely pieces. I can tell you that not only do they have a home filled of Bill's beautiful handiwork, but I believe that they have a home filled with love for each other and the family that they have raised together.

I don't know what time Bill & Arlene show up at the Farmers' Market to set up because Arlene is always set up and ready to go before I arrive at 6:30 am. Last year Arlene told me that they come early, set up and then Bill goes off to the hospital for his dialysis. Bill then returns to the market when he is done at the hospital. This has been their Saturday morning routine for the last 5 years.

Bill & Arlene rest their feet on a foot stool.

You won't believe how sturdy and comfortable these chairs are.
Arlene will be sure to tell you that they are made to sit in!

I bought a chair like this last year,
only mine is made of birch, looks like the foot stool above.

Bill also makes smaller decorative pieces.

Bill and Arlene live in Gering. If you would like more information on Bill's furniture you can call Bill or Arlene at 436-5469.

Tracy & Tegan Rahmig
Wildcat Produce

Meet Tracy & Tegan Rahmig of Wildcat Produce. Tracy has been doing farmers' markets since she was a kid. Her daughter, Tegan who is 10 years old, has been helping Tracy for the past three years now. Tracy says it's their way of spending time together. It's hard to believe how much Tegan grows each year. I have seen her grow and mature each summer and it is amazing how much taller she is each year! Tegan is a great sales person and is just as much as a business woman as Tracy is.

Baby Red Potatoes

Their produce is grown between Melbeta and McGrew. Tracy's dad, Mike Chrisman is the master gardener of their operation. They offer baby red potatoes, yellow & green zucchini, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, cabbage, hot peppers and gourds. Tracy and Tegan live south of Gering while Tracy's parents are from McGrew.

Cabbage for those Cabbage Burgers!

Beautiful Ripe Tomatoes

Juanita Rodriguez

Meet Juanita Rodriguez of Nita's Catering & Event Planning. Nita offers home style cooking featuring Mexican/American Food. Her specialties are enchiladas and salsa. Nita takes special request weekly. I tried some of Nita's enchiladas last year and I must say they were delicious! She also makes stellar enchilada sauce.

Nita's enchiladas and burritos

Be sure to come visit with these local producers and more at the Scottsbluff Farmers' Market held every Saturday morning from 7-11am on 18th and Broadway. Support your community, BUY LOCAL!!

Thank you and goodbye for now...

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