Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ewww, What Is It?

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You really should click. Seriously.

I found this weird looking insect in the chicken's waterer.

Oh look, it's washing it's face!

Check out the antenna!

Look carefully, see those little cream colored spiders on it??

There's one of those little spiders crawling on the top of his head.

It was swimming around in a 5 gallon bucket so I fished it out so I could take pictures of it.

Yes, that's right... I saved your life Mr. Bug.

Who knows what it is?

I'll be waiting for some smarty pants to let me know!

Please excuse me while I go take a shower now,
I feel like a gazillion bugs are crawling all over me!
How about you, can you feel them crawling down your back or in your hair!

The End

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  1. Here are some comments from Facebook followers:

    Brenda: Is that a boxellder bug?

    Nancy: I do not know what they are called but I do know they eat and or lay their eggs in dead animals and they seem to like cow poo.

    Tammi: Ewww...given the info. from Nancy, I hope you used hand sanitizer! Brenda, I also would have guessed a boxelder bug.

    Leanne: That would be a burying beetle with mites. Not really that smart, looked it up. It said the mites are not parasites but use the beetle for transportation.