Sunday, August 22, 2010

Remember Sweetheart?

A while back we had a contest to name this little girl...

Click here to see the posts concerning the contest if you missed it and have nothing better to do.

Spring is Coming


Last Chance to Enter the "Name the Calf" Contest

and finally...

And the Winner Is...

Well, the other day Dan the Man and I were out checking the cows that are down on the creek since we hadn't checked them in a while and of course I had my camera so I took a couple of shots of Sweetheart so you could see how much she has grown.

Sweetheart, now 16 months old.

Dan the Man will have to beat the boys away with a stick!
She sure is a looker!

Actually, Sweetheart has been paired-up with Mr. Chalk Butte and
if he has done his job, Sweetheart will be expecting her first calf in the Spring.

She hasn't learned that it's impolite to talk with her mouth full.

The End.