Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Western Nebraska Storms and Sky

In my last post I told you that I would post some pictures from this summer that I have not previously shared. When trying to decide which ones to post, I realized that there were just too many to jam all in one post, so I've decided to split them up into several small posts.

This first one features a few pictures of various storm clouds that I caught with my camera. One thing that I absolutely LOVE about Western Nebraska is the sky. Montana is know as the Big Sky Country, but I think that Nebraska has a BIGGER sky! How could you ever tire of gazing upon beauty like this on a daily occurrence?

This first group of photos were taken on a stretch of barren highway between our ranch and LaGrange, Wyoming. We travel this road whenever we go to Cheyenne. Part of the pictures were taken on Stegall Road and part on HWY 85 east of LaGrange, for those of you how are not familiar with the area, you can Google it!

Oh and please click on each picture to see a full screen view of the photo. They are so much more enjoyable if you do!

Big storm cell.

Love these bluffs that are along Stegall Road.
Wish I could find a map that told me more about them.
I believe that these bluffs are considered part of the Wildcat Hills.

Love the faint rainbow color thing in this picture!

Oh and by the way...
all three of these pictures were taken with me holding the
camera out the pickup window going 65 mph.
Not bad, heh?

I remember this evening back in June.
The clouds in the west were so incredibly pink and orange.
Photo taken at 8:23 pm.

Love this picture!
Jet streams intersecting.

Panoramic view of sunrise.

Well, that's it.

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  1. Love those pictures. Good job at 65 Kathi. Lorrie