Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We Are So Tired of Laboring BBQ at the Open A Bar 2 Ranch

Dan the Man and the Country Chicken Girl are so tired of laboring that they have decided to take a day off and have a BBQ on Sunday, September 4th at 6 pm. Please accept this post as our invitation.

We will furnish the hamburgers (Open A Bar 2 Ranch all-natural beef, of course), smoked chicken (once again, Open A Bar 2 Ranch pastured poultry) and something to drink. You bring a side dish, dessert or whatever else you would like to eat. You also might want to bring some lawn chairs if you have them.

If we are really having a good time enjoying each others company, perhaps we'll have a bonfire and roast some marshmallows and make smores!

PLEASE RSVP by Saturday night so we know how many hamburgers to grill.

PS, if you are a dear friend, please don't wait for me to call you and invite you. I don't have time since we are taking time off. This is it... this is the only invitation you will received. Don't wait for one to show up on your doorstep upon a silver platter. It ain't going to happen. That is all.

Hope to see you there.

(Not so) Fine Print: Please do not plan on coming if you are some wack-o we really don't know or are an escaped prison convict. Sorry to set such stipulations, but in today's world, you never know!

Dan the Man and I had a good time with the picture for the BBQ! Here are some of the other shots.

One of my friends on Facebook suggested that I blow this
one up real big and hang it in our living room.

hmmm, I might just do that!

Or what a perfect Christmas gift for our children.
They can each have one to hang in their homes,
well, Skyler isn't moved out yet, but it would look nice in his bedroom
and I would let him take it when he leaves.

Another friend commented that she loved the fact
that Dan the Man was willing to go along with my antics
and pose for this picture.
I told her Dan the Man normally doesn't want to have anything
to do with my crazy ideas, but for some reason he didn't
complain or hesitate about this picture.
He must be getting "soft" in his old age.

The end.

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