Friday, April 16, 2010

Checking in with the Cows and Calves

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Good Morning Mrs. #410, I see you had a little boy.
I hope he grows up to be a good bull like his brother, Charlie (No Limit's Pride)

We just need to do the usual drill, you know tag, weigh and vaccinate the little guy. It'll only take a sec.

Come on little guy, over here where we have all the stuff set up. Whoa, you're a heavy little fella!

Hey there Dan the Man, just where are you taking my baby?

You're lucky I am one of the NICE cows or else I might just stomp you into the ground for taking my baby like that. You're lucky I trust you with him, but one false move and you'll be a hurtin' unit!

Come back here you little whipper-snapper. If you cooperate, this will only take a second and your mama will be right here.

In the scale sling you go, hold still... WOW 85 lbs, you are a big boy!

Be careful Dan the Man, don't stick yourself with the needle! Mother is watching VERY closely!

Here goes your ear tag, just like getting your ear pierced!

All done.
How does my ear tag look?
Concerned mother and friend look on.

Let me smell you and lick you my sweet little baby!

Sweetheart wants to check you out too.

Our yearlings learn to be good mamas by staying in the herd while we are calving.

Curious on-lookers with mother making sure everything is okay.

WOW-zers! I didn't know I would be so popular after all that!

Hold still baby, I need to lick you some more!

Okay Angel, it's your little guy's turn in the weigh sling.

If you hurt him Dan the Man, I'm coming in that feed bunk and hurting you. You just watch me! I'm warning you!

I'm so cute!

I'm cuter!

I'm napping.

Angel, you are such a good mother!

What cha doin'?

Ever see a cow nose this close?

Comfort Food!

Hee, hee. Stop it mommy! It tickles when you lick my bottom!

I luv you mama!


  1. This looks like the start of a children's book. I like your use of colors!

  2. Alyssa thinks this is funny! We like the little babies with their moms.