Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Chicks are 2 Weeks Old!

Cornish Cross 2 weeks old

Well, our first batch of chicks are now two weeks old. All 200 of the Cornish Cross and the 19 egg layers. We had 25 egg layers to begin with, but 10 of them I had ordered for a friend who has since came and got his. Then I bought 4 new egg layers at The Mercantile earlier in the week. At two weeks old they graduate from the nursery brooder to the next brooder which is larger and has less heat lamps. The nursery brooder needs to be around 90 degrees warm the first few days and then you gradually decrease the heat as the chicks begin to get their feathers. It's amazing how fast they grow in just two short weeks. By the time they are ready to leave the nursery, they have just about outgrown it.

Cornish Cross 2 weeks old

The new brooder they are in now is about four times bigger than the nursery brooder. I will gradually "wean" the chicks from the lights completely so that by the time they are four weeks old and have all their feathers, they will be ready to go outside. This applies to the Cornish Cross (meat birds) and not the egg layers. The egg layers don't grow near as fast as the meat birds so they will stay in the brooder until they have all their feathers.

Gold Star (egg layer) 2 weeks old

Once the egg layers have all their feathers, then it will be time to gradually introduce them to my one year old egg layers. Chickens have a definite pecking order and if I introduced the new chickens to the old chickens before they could defend themselves I think I would end up with disastrous results. I will partition a part of the egg layers coop so that the new birds will have their own space in the coop but won't be in physical contact with the old chickens, but they will be able to see each other and get to know each other this way first.

Barred Rock (egg layer) 2 weeks old

We moved the 2 week old chicks on Thursday. On Friday we received our second batch of chicks. 200 more of them, so now we have 400 chicks!! So the new babies are in the nursery and the 2 week old chicks are in the 2nd brooder. There is never a dull moment around here this time of year!

Americana (egg layer) 2 weeks old

If you need an escape from the city, or even if you live in the country and want to come see the chicks you are always welcome. You know every proud parent loves showing off their children! Just give me a call! Seriously, you'd have fun and your kids would love you if you brought them here to see the chicks. I only ask one small favor that if you are bringing children that you realize that this is not a petting zoo and I ask that I be present to help with any holding of the chicks.

Come see why a day in the country is worth a month in town!


  1. Need to take a dramamine now... lol. Just kidding!

  2. Samara and Natalie want you to know which ones are their favorites. Samara likes the Americana one best but she also likes the Gold Star one. Natalie likes the black one (Barred Rock). They also like to dance to the chicken dance! And say thank you for the pictures of the chicks.

  3. Samara and Natalie are the reason why I keep using that song! Wish they could come see the chicks in person!! I could use the help feeding and watering.