Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Chicks are 3 Weeks Old!

Time sure flies when you are a chicken farmer! Hard to believe that the first batch of chicks are already 3 weeks old and the second batch is already a week old. Actually as I as writing this, the first batch will be 4 weeks old tomorrow, April 28th, and the second batch will be 2 weeks old.

The first batch continues to get their feathers in and are getting bigger every day. The feathers on their wings are completely filled in along with some of their tail feathers. The older the chicks get, the harder it is to take pictures of them. This may surprise you but Dan the Man doesn't have much patience with me or the chicks when I am trying to photograph the chicks. My pictures can only be as good as the chicks decide to behave and since Dan the Man's patience with them is only as long as one of his romantic thoughts, well... you get the picture. Let's just say I have, if I'm lucky, approximately three whole minutes to get a good picture of each chick if I want Dan the Man's help. So, I'm looking for a new photography assistant if anyone is interested! Pay is terrible, but rewards are wonderful!

Cornish Cross 3 weeks old

Gold Star 3 weeks old

Americana 3 weeks old

Barred Rock 3 weeks old (black one)

Cornish Cross & Barred Rock kissing, how sweet!

Come back my sweet, I wish to kiss you again!

If anyone wants to come visit the chicks, you are more than welcomed! 200 more newly hatched chicks come on Friday, so we'll have a total of 600!! You really should come to see them, children are welcome and will love it!

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  1. Yikes!!! Processing every 2 weeks!!!! Where will my summer at the cabin go????