Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Delaney Butte view from Harvat's place.
I love the vast expanse of wide open land which looks like a sea of snow.

The cabin is truly a winter wonderland. Here are some photos I got over Christmas one day when Erin and I decided to take a walk. The weather was perfect. The air was cold on our faces and frigid and fresh in my lungs. The smell of the pine trees was intoxicating. The sun glistening on the snow was magical. The frost in the trees was enchanting. And the time I got to spend chatting with Erin was truly a memory that I will treasure. We talked about various things, life, our shared belief in God, our family, coffee, etc. We took about a four mile walk through the snow laden path down to Unlce Albert's old place. Erin is a lovely young woman with a passion for God. Spending time with her edifies me in my walk with the Lord. Love you Erin!

PS Izzy went on the walk with us too, but you've already seen the pictures of her. If you haven't, the pictures are in the preceding post.

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I wanted Izzy to stand where the now meets the sky in this picture,
but she wouldn't! Sure would have made a neat picture
if we could have convinced her to do it!
The snow was glistening as if God had dumped an enormous
bottle of glitter down from heaven.

The corrals at the cabin with the Delaney Butte in the background.

Black & White of the corrals and butte.

The mountain range to the east of North Park.
Sorry I don't know what it is called.
I think it is either the Medicine Bow Mountains
or the Never Summer Mountains.

If you want to know more about North Park click here:
North Park (Colorado basin) - Wikipedia

Fence line down by Harvat's.

The sun shining through the frosty tips of the aspen trees.
Breath-taking in person.
Dan the Man's dad calls these the "Big Quakies"

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