Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Love Hoar Frost!

What an enchanting morning here at the Open A Bar 2 Ranch! Mornings like this make me truly appreciate God's wondrous power. I am blown away at the beauty He creates for His people. But in order to see it, you have to be searching, looking, studying, waiting and expecting. If you were just out this morning not looking carefully for God's handiwork, you would have missed it. If you are going through life not looking for God's beauty to appear in your life, you are going to miss it.

Be sure to do yourself a favor and click on each individual picture to see a full screen view of it. Some you can enlarge even further by clicking once more on the picture. Hit your browsers back button to return to the blog. Enjoy!

Are you seeking God's beauty?


  1. Beautiful images Kathy. These crystal formations are gorgeous - but can't help thinking it's cold as heck your way. Stay warm and keep your camera with you for more great shots.

  2. Thanks Andrea! I don't think we've been much colder than you though.