Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tatee, Mama's Lil' Elf!

Sometime in early December 2010 at the Open A Bar 2 Ranch...

Country Chicken Girl (CCG): Tatee, look what mama bought for you!

Tatee: What is it? Let me see, let me see, let me see! I hope it is something good to eat!

CCG: Look, it's a cute little doggie outfit I got at Target for only $2.50! You'll look adorable in it. I got a large, hope you fit into it.

Tatee: Are you serious? You spent money on that hideous thing? You aren't getting that on me in a million years. I'll scratch your eyes out.

A couple of minutes later, the CCG adorned her beloved Tatee with his new Christmas outfit and outside they went to take some cute pictures! Tatee is such a good kitty and loves the CCG so much that he didn't put up too much of a fight putting on the little elf outfit.

Tatee: I'll pose for a few pictures, but I won't like it. AND I won't smile.

CCG: Oh Tatee, you look soooooooo cute! What a good boy you are. Let's try a few with you and me. Dan the Man will take them for us.

Tatee: If Dan was a real Man, he would save me from this humiliating situation!

Dan the Man: Sorry Tatee, but you know if mama doesn't get her way and ain't happy, then NO body's happy. Just suck it up and it will all be over in a flash.

CCG: Now smile Tatee!

CCG: That's a pretty good one.

CCG: Oh Tatee, you are beautiful!

CCG: Let's try some silly ones!

Tatee: The first chance I get I'm bolting!

Tatee: That's it, I'm done!



  1. Yay for tolerant, pretty kitties!

  2. Hehehehe!! What a patient kitty. I bet the rest would have been long gone!