Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Snow of the Season

October 10, 2009

The first snow of the season. Seems so early in the season to have to be dragging myself out of my nice toasty bed to do chores in the snow! I know already that it is cold outside due to the number of cats who have apprently bedded down with me and Danny during the night. Good thing we have a king size bed or there might not have been enough room for Danny! LOL! I have noticed that the majority of people who don't have to work out in the snow and get to enjoy it (as in skiing, snow shoeing, snow mobiling, hunting...) love the first snow. But in my opinion, snow means more work! Oh don't get me wrong, I do enjoy it's beauty, but jumping out of bed to go outside in 11 degree weather is not my idea of fun.

I really am wishing that we had our last batch of chickens already processed and in the freezer or better yet, already sold and out of here!! But with that NOT being the case, I found myself putting on all my snow gear to take care of them this morning. (Mental note for next year: have chicken done by October 1st.) So after donning my snow pants, sweatshirt, winter coat, hat, gloves and muck boots, I made my way to the chicken coop through three inches of snow although it felt like 3 feet of snow walking a mile up hill... you know the rest!! I knew it was going to snow more last night so I shut all the chickens up in the coop. When I opened the door, not a single soul wanted to come out. This makes feeding the chickens even more of a challenge since they are all hungry and refuse to get out of your way!

I forgot to mention that prior to this jaunt to the coop, I had to make my way to the chicken feed which is a mile in the opposite direction of the coop, up hill... and fill my feed buckets, two five gallon buckets. Of course since we don't have our grain storage building completed, the feed sits outside, covered with tarps and is full of snow which has to be removed before I can get to the feed. So once I have that accomplished, I can resume my mission. If you want to strengthen your shoulders and back ladies, I can recommend that you carry five gallon buckets full of chicken feed, one in each hand a mile up hill in the snow!! (Actually, it's not a mile, it just feels like one and besides I'm just trying to make a better story!)

So with that accomplished, back to the hungry chickens that WILL NOT get out of your way for you to make it to their feeders. I gingerly make my way to each feeder, trying not to step on toes or hit anyone in the head with the feed bucket while 200 chickens are letting me know that they are hungry and breakfast is late! What a ruckus! Wish you were there to see for yourself.

With that done, next is the water, four 4 gallon waters which have to be carried to the water bib on the side of the shop because all the water bibs at the coops are frozen. You guessed it, water is over by the feed, so back up that hill... (and since I can only carry two at a time I must make this trip two times) then carry the full waters back to the coop (more strength building) and get them in the coop without spilling while trying to navigate through 200 chickens who will not move out of your way. Wow, I'm exhausted again just telling you about it! Finally to complete the mission I must make my way back to the feed and fill the buckets again so they are ready for the night feeding which will take place around 5:00 pm. I can hardly wait...

With my mission completed I paused to take in the beauty of the morning. Did you ever notice how incredibly blue the sky is on snow days like these? WOW!! Thank you God for such beauty. A flock of geese fly over my head. I go to check on the egg layers and they are all toasty warm in their coop. The cats are all outside playing in the snow like kittens. I am all the sudden refreshed and decide to tackle the snowy walks and deck. I thought to myself, decks are so wonderful in the summer, but a real pain in the neck in the winter!! With the snow all scooped I go inside to grab my camera. As I am wandering around looking for pictures to share with you I am in awe of God's beauty. I am also thankful for warm clothes He has provided, muck boots (who could do chores without them and I feel blessed to have them), hats, gloves, warm coffee, the moisture...

Corn full of snow, perfect pheasant hunting!

One of the egg layers wondering if she wants to come out!

Three girls wondering if it was too cold to venture out of their nice warm coop!

Beautiful Millie posing in the snow!

Danny feeding the steers.

Chester would rather lay on the hay than eat it!

More feeding, this time by hand.

Charlie and 820 enjoying their breakfast!

A couple of the calves enjoying breakfast.

Closing shot.


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  2. I really miss life on the ranch, I am looking forward to reliving those days through your blog. thank you