Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who Said Video Taping the Bulls Was Gonna Be Easy?

About a week ago we had a chore at the top of our "to do" list that we finally sat down to tackle. We needed to get some video of our bulls to market them on the Internet. This is the newest thing in marketing and we don't want to be left in the dust so we thought we'd better get on board with this. We have two bulls for sale and also wanted to video our herd bulls so those who were interested in the ones for sale could see their fathers.

All we had to do was get them to walk from one end of the corral to the other. The key was to get them to walk in a natural, normal fashion. They didn't need to act like models walking down the runway swinging their hips and arms around. They also didn't need to act like rodeo bulls a buckin' and a jumpin' all over the place. Sounded easy enough to me.

So, Danny, Skyler and I all headed out to the corral. Let me mention that our cattle are very tame and very use to us. They all will come right up to you and allow you to pet them. Actually a couple of them come up to you and demand to be petted. They love to have their backs scratched too. We had four to film. Skyler would stand at one end of the corral so he could turn them when they got to his end and Danny was at the opposite end ready to turn them when they got to his end. I was in the middle with the video camera. Our instructions from Danny was get them to walk in one direction so I could film the one side, get them to walk in the other direction so I could film that side and then film them from behind to get their back side.

"Shouldn't take long," Danny assures Skyler. We have heard this phrase more times than we can count so we should have known that this would be an all afternoon ordeal! I'll let the video tell the rest of the story! Enjoy!

You'll notice that we have whips in our hands, rest assured that we do not strike the bulls with them, we snap in front of them or behind them. We use the whip for the snap sound it makes not to hurt the bulls. Also these are some of our Lowline/Angus bulls. If you are interested in buying one of them or both of them let us know!!!!

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  1. OK so I am watching this and laughing my butt off. Looks like the bulls play with the whips like kitties with play toys.