Friday, November 6, 2009

Door Dog + Wild Cat, Not a Good Combination

Not a whole lot going on out here on the ranch this week. Danny has been trying to get the last of our hay baled and I've been putting up electric fence and trying to finish our bathroom remodel. The weather has been fantastic this week, compared to last week. That is the thing about living in Western Nebraska. They say that if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change. We had temperatures in the 60's and wind. Warmer weather almost always means there will be wind.

Today one of my chicken customers, actually the one who suggested that I start this blog, came out to pick up her chickens. We were talking and she reminded me of this funny story that I had told her and I thought that I would share it with you.

If you don't know by now, I do love cats. I wouldn't say I am a crazy old woman with a gazillion cats, but we do have 6 cats, that's another story for another day.

When we moved here Danny had two dogs who I got tired of letting in and out of the house every time I turned around, so we eventually installed a "dog door" in the back door. People always warned us to be careful with that dog door. Several warned us, "Wild animals might come in." I worried that perhaps a raccoon or worse yet, a skunk would decide to come for a visit through the door dog. But nothing ever did. Time passed and so did the dogs but we left the dog door in the door because the cats used it and it was convenient for them and for us. On occasion we had a couple of children use the door! And a couple of times, our neighbor's cat, who I think was sweet on my cats, came to visit a couple of times, but every time he came he would announce his visitation with loud meows. He was a real sweetheart but after the second time of me having to drive him home, he never came back to call on my girls.

But there was this one time... hence the title of this blog, when something WILD did make it through the door. It was around 5:30 am and I had been awake for about 15 minutes and was just getting into my morning routine. I still had sleep in my eyes, a cup of coffee in my hand and was just sitting down at the computer in my jammies and slippers for a little "me" time before anyone else woke up. I always enjoy this time of the morning, it's quite, still dark outside and everyone else is still sawing logs in their beds, including the cats.

All of the sudden, I hear something weird going on in the hall by the back door. I didn't think it was one of our cats, because they were all still in bed. So I get up from the computer and go to the hallway to check it out. Mind you that it is dark outside and dark in the hallway and the light switch is by the door. It took me a split second to realize that there was a cat in the hallway, not one of my cats, and it was jumping around like a drunk kangaroo, jumping as high as the ceiling. At first I thought it was the neighbor's cat, but he had never acted like that before! Then I realized that this must be a wild cat which can not figure out how he got in the house or even worse, how to get out of the house!

Since it was dark in the hallway, the cat could not see the dog door and was grasping for any straw as to how to get the heck out of the house. I stood there for a few minutes wondering what in the world I was going to do while the cat continued to scale the wall like I have never seen a cat do. How could I get to the door to open it or even turn the light switch on? This cat was going bazzirk! I yelled for Danny, but he was sound asleep and couldn't figure out what I was yelling about. He wasn't about to get out of bed, it was way too early for him to rise or shine!

Me yelling for Danny, or anybody to help, only freaked the cat out more! I decided what I needed was some protection from this possessed demon cat so I ran for the broom. As I left the hallway, the cat followed me into the kitchen. The next thing I knew, the cat had jumped up on top of the kitchen cabinets where I have my chicken collection displayed. There are ceramic pieces up there, tins, boxes, books and tons more junk. Picture if you would, the crazy cat up there, trying to get away having to navigate among all this stuff and not caring if he broke anything or not! All I could do was watch him scramble from one collectible to the other all the way across the row of cabinets. After what seemed an eternity, he finally jumped down and I ran after him with the broom.

The cat then ran into the bathroom that the boys use. Now picture this... he jumps on the counter which is full of the boys' bathroom stuff, toothpaste, shaving cream, a basket full of bathroom essentials, q-tips and other miscellaneous things. The cat is "spinning out" on the counter and the things on the counter are crashing to the floor. No way was I going to enter into that room while the cat was in there. So I had to stand helplessly in the hallway and wait for him to come out. When he did he saw me and then ran into Skyler's room. I yelled at Skyler to take cover under his covers so he pulled up his blankets and hid under his bedding. The cat of course saw the closet and made a beeline for it and the top shelf. Now this is a walk-in closet, but you couldn't have paid me a million dollars to walk in to that closet with that cat in there.

By this time, everyone is awake and wanting to know what the heck is going on but no one wants to get out of bed to help! Danny yells from the safety of our bed to open all the doors so the cat can run outside. Oh, good idea, now why didn't I think of that, besides for the fact that I was scared half to death and couldn't think! I run to open all the doors and hope that the cat "stays put" until I have them open. After opening the doors I am now standing in the doorway of the closet with my broom in my hand. After saying a prayer and asking the Lord for protection from this wild cat, I get up enough nerve to poke the broom at the cat. I don't know how many times I poked at him but he finally jumped out of the closet. I'm not quite sure what happened next, I think I had my eyes closed in case the cat decided to jump on my head, but the cat must have jumped down, ran out of the room and out the back door.

Crazy!! I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was happening I can tell you it was no laughing matter! And yes, we still have the dog door... for our cats!

Here's my favorite picture of some our cats when they were kittens!

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