Friday, November 13, 2009

Whitey Rooster and His Girls (the Egg Layers)

Not a whole lot going on around the farm today. It's snowing and it is very wet outside. Danny doesn't feel all that well, so we are just taking it easy and hanging out in the house. I thought I would throw together a little video of Whitey my Leg Horn rooster and his girls, the egg layers. I shot this video in October but never had the time to do anything with it. Several of you have told me that your kids really like the videos, so I'm posting this one for the kids. Maybe I can start a little series starring Whitey and the Egg Layers! We'll see how that develops. Hope your kid-o's like this video!

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  1. I hope Whitey is being a good boy lately. Are all the chickens laying now? Good video!

  2. You could write a children's book about Whitey & his girls. Be on Ophra!


  3. Whitey is THE MAN. Ha-ha. Well the girls' eggs are awesome!! Nice to cook with a bright yellow tasty egg!