Friday, January 29, 2010

7 Things You Won't Find on a Ranch

You won't find adorable babies sitting on a scale.
They wouldn't stay this clean for very long, that's for sure!

But you will find...
Adorable new born calves in a sling scale getting weighed!

You won't find beautiful white picket fences on a ranch.

But you will find...
Old barbed wire fences that need constant fixin!

You won't find cute little hamsters,
they'd never survive with the cats.

But you will find ugly little pocket gophers that the cats drag in!
(Correction, this is a shrew, see the comments below!)

You won't find women that look like this in designer jeans!

Sorry guys, they are only in the movies and magazines!

But you will find...
women with holes in their jeans decorated with cow poop!
oh and sexy muck boots!

You won't find Groucho Marx.

But you will find...
Sexy Country Chicken Girls!
(I'm waiting for Cosmo to call and ask me to do a cover shot!)

You won't find bear tracks...
at least I hope you don't!

But you will find chicken tracks!

You won't find a cute mother opossum carrying her babies on her back.
Isn't that cute?
She should get mother of the year!
You wouldn't catch me doing that, I just yelled at my kids to "hurry up!"

But you will find...
A curious cat wondering what happened to this opossum!

Eeeww, how long have you been dead?

But I do like you better dead than alive!


  1. Kathy I think your pocket gopher is a shrew :) Vicki

  2. A Shrew, who knew! Really? I'll have to tell Dan the Man. Is a pocket gopher bigger?

  3. Oh my, yes! Pocket gophers can easily be as long your hand, from finger tip to wrist. I understand their cheeks form large pockets and that is where they stash all our alfalfa. I've never looked close enough tho :) I didn't know there were shrews around here until I also found one the cats brought in. It was so small. I kind of thought they were cute with their long noses :P

  4. Vicki, I did a google search on Shrews and Pocket Gophers. I now know the difference. The cats bring in those pocket gophers all the time. Whether it be a shrew or a pocket gopher, I can't say that I like either of them. But I do agree the shrews are kind of cute!