Friday, January 8, 2010

Decluttering Pantry, Day Two

Well I started on the pantry yesterday, just like I said I would. I started with the top shelf. I figured that was the shelf that had the most stuff on it that I don't use and need to do something with. Also I read some where when you clean, you should start at the top and work your way to the bottom.

I started by procrastinating for about 30 minutes, having coffee, checking email, checking Facebook, etc... LOL Then I dug in and took everything off the shelf. Wow, there was a lot of stuff up there! The shelves must be installed pretty securely or else they should have fallen down a long time ago. That is the only thing in this house that is installed correctly! Oh the joys of a manufactured home also know as a trailer house! Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I know there are people living in far worse conditions.

So there I was with my kitchen full of STUFF. Now what? Most of it was good stuff, but just stuff that I don't use anymore. The majority of it was craft stuff like fabric and pattern books. I tried organizing it into groups like "Goodwill", "Ebay", "thought of someone I think would want it and need to call them to see if they want it", "I need to make something with that" and many more options. After a while I was so confused as to what was what that I couldn't think any more and was losing interest in my task. I told myself I could not give up! I was in this for the long haul. I wrote I was going to do this in my blog. If it's in the blog, it must be done! I could not spend all day on one shelf so I'd better pull up my panties and be a big girl about this. And Dan the Man would ask me what I was going to do with all this STUFF when he got home! (He was gone because he had the pleasure of being chosen for jury duty again! Lucky him!)

It was almost lunch time and I was feeling desperate about the whole thing so I decided the best thing for me to do, since I couldn't decide what to do with all this STUFF was to take it out to my art studio, and then decide later what to do with it! So I'm not sure what I really accomplished about decluttering, but at least the top shelf is clean, but now it's all in the studio. LOL Dan the Man didn't even notice, but then again, I didn't think that anyone would.

My mom use to buy new things for the house and tell me about them, but of course, I always noticed as soon as I walked into the room and saw it there! She loved waiting to see how long it took my stepfather to notice it. She usually got tired of waiting for him to notice and would point it out before he ever noticed it because she wanted him to see it! I find myself doing the same thing, so I'm sure I'll point out the top shelf to Dan the Man and anyone else that steps foot into my house before long!

So today is shelf #2, which is comprised mostly of food items. This one should be easy. I can't possible conceive that I will have too much STUFF that I need to decide it's fate. Should be "keep" or "toss," right?!

Note: This is driving me nuts... Can someone please tell me if the comma goes inside the quotation marks or outside?

Anyway... I hope to finish the Tokyo for Christmas part of the blog today. I also have started working in my art studio again so I need to get busy and get to work in there. I am currently making three of my personalized baby pillows, two Pooh pillows and one Peter Rabbit. I sold them from my Ebay store while we were on vacation and need to get them done and shipped. If you want to see what I am talking about, click on my Ebay store link at the top of the blog on the left hand side. It's time to start working on Valentines Day things too. I can't believe I didn't do anything for Christmas, but Ebay has really take a hit due to the economy.

Time to log off for now. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your day with me!


  1. Now you're doing what I did! Putting off the inevitable. You'll need to declutter the studio next! I'm down to the Red Room and Our bedroom which are both filled with "stuff" I moved from somewhere else! Next stop will be either the trash or the shop!

  2. Comma goes outside the quotation in that case.

    Mom you are down to the Red Room, your bedroom, and THE SHOP!