Saturday, January 23, 2010

Goodbye sweet DJ

Today we took sweet little DJ, a bred heifer calf, to the sale barn. Sweet little DJ was born in 2008 to a very special cow known as JD. JD got her name because we bought her from some friends of ours who's names are Joe and Debbie. Since she was Joe and Debbie's cow, she got the name of JD. Get it? Very technical, I know, but sometimes you have to be technical when naming cows! Not really, I'm just joking. So JD's baby was naturally named DJ.

JD, the mama cow, is a special cow here at the Open A Bar 2 Ranch. She is actually owned by STEER Inc. which is a non-profit evangelical, interdenominational, agricultural, mission fund-raising program that we are partnering with to support One-Way Evangelistic Ministries.

Here's how it works in nut shell. We provide feed for, take care of and breed JD every year and she in turn gives birth to a calf. We care for and feed this calf for a year or so and then sell it. The proceeds from the sale of the calf then goes to One-Way Evangelistic Ministries which is a mission that we support. The cycle repeats itself every year. It's a great program and we are blessed to be a part of it.

DJ really isn't a calf anymore. We kept her for an extra year and bred her last summer so she is now a bred heifer. She should sell for more now that she is a bred heifer verses an open heifer or steer that would sale for as a feeder.

A "bred heifer" is a girl cow that is pregnant with her first baby.

If you are a "heifer," you've never given birth to a calf.

"Open" means the cow is not pregnant.

A "steer" is a boy calf that has had his "man-hood" taken away. Know what I mean?

A "feeder" is a calf that gets sold to a feedlot and is fattened-up and is turned into hamburger and steaks!

There's a quick little lesson for you none cattle people.

Bye, Bye DJ, we'll miss you!
Hope you get a nice new home!

If you want to read more about STEER Inc. here is their website:

Read more about One Way Evangelistic Ministries at their website:


  1. So do you have a new baby from JD? What's its name?

  2. Nope, JD hasn't calved yet, hopefully she won't until mid March or so.

  3. Mom JD does have a calf that has been weaned. Kathi thought you meant a new baby. She will calve again in March/April.