Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tatum, our new boy, it's Official!

Well, it's official. We have adopted the stray cat that showed up at our place just before we went to Japan over Christmas. You can read about how the cat showed up in this previous post.

The adoption is official because I took the cat to the vet and got it vaccinated and checked out. I tried to find it's owner, but was unsuccessful.

Besides, Tatum has grown on me and he likes me and I like him!

Yes, I said "him!"

At first glance I thought that he was a she because I couldn't see any little manhood things under the tail of Tatum. Did you notice how hairy he is? When I didn't see two little "gum balls" back there, I just assumed that he was a she. When I got him to the vet's office, they looked and told me Tatum was a neutered male.

Whoops, made me feel a little stupid, but who cares. I blamed the amount of hair back there as the culprit to my incorrect call!

Everyone, meaning the rest of the cats, all get along with Tatum except for Lily, who doesn't get along with anyone. She thrives on scarring all the other cats. She'll chase them for no good reason and snickers when they run away in terror. She's a bona fide bully like that.

I named him Tatum when I thought that he was a girl. Dan the Man hates the name now and thinks that we should call him Tator. So he has been called everything from Tatum to Tator to my favorite, Tattee-cakes!

As for goings on here at the ranch, we took a couple of steers to the packer today. We had to have them there by 7:45 am. The packer we took them to is a little over an hour away so we had to load the cattle up in the dark.

Let me tell you it is a little weird loading cattle, mind you black cattle, in the dark. We do have a yard light, but it doesn't really shine too much over by the chutes where we load the cattle onto the stock trailer.

I volunteered to run the cows through the chute and up to the trailer. Dan the Man's job was to slide the trailer door shut as soon as they were safely on the trailer. So there I was walking in the dark behind the cows when all the sudden my foot stepped into something slimy and stinky. I was looking to make sure I didn't step on a land mine such as this, but it was so dark I couldn't see the ground OR the land mines waiting for me.

Eeeww, that was gross.

Oh well, that stuff happens. After we stopped at the house to gather a few things, we were on our way.

EGADS... I just realized we forgot to do one very important safety check before we left. I can't believe after our last episode with the stock trailer and Bridgette that we didn't check to make sure that no cats were in there.

You will all be happy to know, that there wasn't any cats in the trailer when we got to the packers and all are accounted for here at the ranch.

Anyway, next time we see those two steers, they will be tasty steaks and such for you to buy!


  1. Welcome to sweet Tatum (Tator or whatever). He is a dear kitty!

  2. Kathi, you should frame that picture. That cat is so cute and you can see the sweetness on his face. I like Tator, then you can call him tator tot ! LOL, Kelly