Friday, March 12, 2010

Cat Photo Contest, Boo-hoo!

Well, I've waited anxiously all week for the semi-finalist to be announced for the cat photo contest that I entered. A group was announced on each day of this week, Monday-Friday. Every morning I would run to my computer and check to see if I had made the semi's. Most mornings the semi's weren't posted yet, so I would have to check back every hour to see if one of my beautiful kitties would make the cut. Each day I would check, giddy with anticipation and each day my heart was crushed into the chicken coop poopy litter with disappointment, because my kitties were not getting the respect that I think is due to them!

Now that the last group has been announced I have come to terms with the fact that I am a loser, I feel a great sense of relief. I can move on with my life and stop centering it around this stupid cat photo contest! Me and my kitties are moving forward, upward, onward...

If you want to see the photos that were chosen for the semi-finals here are the links:

I might post links to the finalist and the winners when they are announced and I might not. Like I said it's time to move on and post a chicken recipe or a yummy dessert recipe or talk about how bad the food you are eating is (you know, that gross, bad, disgusting chicken and beef you get from the store) or go harass the cows or maybe take more pictures of my kitties...

I don't know...

what to do, what to do???

Anyway, I'm over it, I think!

Don't have pity for me, my friends! I really am not bitter or full of sour grapes over this. If you don't know me, I do tend to have a dry sense of humor!

Don't tell me we have to take more pictures?!

The End


  1. Sorry Kathy. Your pics and your kitties are great! Think of how many famous people were rejected when they first tried at the thing which later gained them fame. I understand your disappointment but you can try again sometime if your heart desires. I know everyone of your friends who viewed you pics. think they are GREAT! Chin up!!!

  2. Thank you Tammi!! My chin is up and I will not let this stop me. I am on a mission, a mission to... I'm not sure what, but something! I'll let you know when I know.

    I knew my odds of making the cut with my photos was pretty slim. There were literally THOUSANDS of entries, like maybe 20,000 or so, no joke! I just had high hopes.