Monday, March 8, 2010

Latest News on the Cat Photo Contest

Thank you everyone who voted on my photos for the contest! You helped me narrow down my decisions on which ones to enter.

Here are the ones I entered:

"The Kiss"
Received 7 of your votes

"5 Sisters"
Received 10 of your votes

"Camille's Frosty Morning"
Received 3 of your votes

"Camille's Snowy Morning"
Received 5 of your votes

Here is a link to the contest. Group #1 was posted today and I didn't make it! Boo-hoo!! I wonder if she even saw my picture of Camille kissing her chicken??

Pioneer Woman Photography

Here is the schedule of when the semi-finalist will be posted:

Monday: Group 1
Tuesday: Group 2
Wednesday: Group 3
Thursday: Group 4
Friday: Finalists from each group will be posted
Sunday: Winners (and prizes) announced!

So I have three more chances.

I really did think that I had a good chance with "The Kiss" since it is so unique. But there are thousands and thousands of entries!

I'll keep you posted if I actually do make the semi-finals. Wish me luck!!


  1. Camille's Snowy Morning could easily be a Christmas card! : ) Good luck!

  2. I think the Kiss could be your winner. It's so original and the colors and textures came through great. Some of the winners... weren't up to your quality, IMHO.