Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today's Parade, Country Style

On Thursday, some guy, Dan the Man didn't get his name exactly, stopped by our house to let us know that he were going to be driving (as in cattle drive, you city sillies, not driving them in trucks!) 600 of his cattle up our road to their pasture about 7 miles south of our place. He wanted to see what sort of obstacles he might encounter on the way and thought that he might have a little trouble with our calves wanting to join up with his cows as they drove them past our place. He said he could send a couple of riders (you know... cowboys on horses) ahead of the drive and keep our calves back when the cattle went on by. Dan the Man told him that would be mighty right fine with him.

Anyway, I was talking to my sister on the phone this morning when they started to come down the road. I told her abruptly that I had to go, the cattle were here.

Well this is what I meant sis! Didn't mean to hangup on you so fast, but I wanted to get out there to make sure our calves stayed put and didn't cause any problems.

I was still in my pajamas when Dan the Man was yelling at me to tell me that they were headed up the road. I slammed down the phone and had just enough time to throw on a pair of socks, jeans, boots and a coat. I still had half my jammies on as I headed out the door. Oh well, that's how we do things here out in the middle of nowhere. I figured I was safe, I surely wasn't going to be taking off my coat for any reason. Beside, you see people wearing their jammies in town all the time, especially at Wal-Mart. I also said a quick prayer that went something like this... "Dear Lord, don't let anything happen to me while I am half dressed in my jammies. Please don't let anything happen that would involve the paramedics or me being rushed off to the hospital the way I am dressed for I would be eternally embarrassed if you put me in that kind of a predicament!" With that being said, I threw my camera around my neck as I sped out the door.

I'm glad I threw my camera around my neck. I might be getting addicted to this photography thing.

Heck, who am I fooling... I'm glad I live out here! What city dweller is gonna get to see a parade like this today?

I'm eternally thankful I didn't have to go to the hospital the way I was dressed!

Our calves behaved themselves and didn't cause any problems. Thank you babies, that could have been bad if you had misbehaved. The calves were very curious about the horses, they hadn't ever been around these things! And look, the humans are riding them!

Here is a movie I made of the whole shin-dig. Then I posted the photos again if you wanted a better look at them. Enjoy!!

NOTE: If you haven't looked at the previous post, please do. I need help deciding on which photos to enter in a cat photo contest! Thanks!!!

As always, for a full screen view of the photo, click on it. Hit your browsers back button to return to the blog.

Our calves watching their cattle go by.

Thought I'd snap a picture while I was down in the trees.

Adios and good luck with the rest of the drive!

My favorite shot of the day!

The End

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  1. I love that they are still using horses. The photo's would not have been near as impressive if the cowboys were on 4 wheelers. Long live the horse riding cowboys!